Teds Travels – Under the Milky Way Galaxy with Tierra Atacama ·

Teds Travels – Under the Milky Way Galaxy with Tierra Atacama

Last week we talked about an island down south in the beautiful Lakes District of Chile. This week let me tell you about where to travel to see sunburnt valleys, mirror like lakes, the world driest desert, hot springs canyons and geysers, often described as “no other place on Earth”… have you guessed yet? It’s the Atacama Desert!

Located in Northern Chile, a surreal place high on the altiplano dominated by snow-capped volcanoes likes the Lincancabur, right on the boarder of Argentina and Bolivia. Your clients can fly in into the town of Calama, and then we will transfer them to San Pedro de Atacama, about 90 minutes away, passing by the mighty Chuquicamata open copper mine. We create great overland itineraries here that cross in and out of Bolivia (Uyuni and La Paz) and Argentina (Salta).

The captivating landscapes of sand dunes, hot springs, canyons geysers lagoon with red flamingos, plus glowing sunrises, and sunsets, clients can choose the many excursions available by. There are so many ways of exploring this part of the world just to name a few you have: hiking trials, desert bike rides, horseback and stargazing.

The altitude of San Pedro is 2407mt so at night it will be very cold and especially when one of the excursions is to see the El Tatio Geyser. The trip starts at 4 am and you travel around 80kms. The geyser performs best at dawn a phenomenal display of white steam and water spouts spewing from over 60 geysers. It is an incredible experience, but don’t forget to warn your clients to bring heaps of layers.

One of the must stay properties in the area is the Tierra Atacama. It is a short walk from town and has been designed to be authentic with the local environment by calling on local materials. The nice social space is perfect for relaxing after a long day exploring. They offer outdoor camp fires, heated pool, hot tubs, all oriented towards the volcano Lincancabur. A great spot for that pisco sour at the end of the day. There is a SPA with a full range of massages too.

At night rug up and go out to see the night sky with your guide pointing the constellations in our Milky Way galaxy… amazing. The rooms are perfect styled in the Atacameno artwork and Folklore character. The food is delicious with fresh produce from the hotel own garden. It’s an all-inclusive hotel, with transfers, meals, and full and half day excursions are included, and consider about sending the whole family here as kids are free.

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