7 Virtual Valentine’s Day Ideas For You & Your Long-Distance Partner

Nothing can stop you and your partner from having the most romantic Valentine’s Day. You may live far apart, but you’ve become pros at planning virtual dates, complete with candles, fun games, and flirty looks. These virtual Valentine’s Day ideas will sweeten up your online hangout for the most intimate day of the year.

On Valentine’s Day, you and your partner might usually exchange gifts on your living room floor and eat chocolate while watching a rom-com. You may enjoy a candlelit dinner at your favorite restaurant or whipping up a delicious pasta dinner at home. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do those activities with your partner in person this year, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Travel guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which were updated as of Dec. 3, 2020, state that staying home and avoiding contact with anyone who’s not in your immediate household is the best way to protect yourself from potentially spreading and/or contracting the coronavirus. The CDC recommends celebrating virtually for special occasions this winter, and that’s what you and your partner plan on doing.

You’re all about a romantic and simple night at home, which is why all you really need is your laptop, lots of love, and these virtual Valentine’s Day ideas to enjoy with your SO. These activities are easy to put together and will add just the right amount of sweetness to your long-distance date.

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1. Prepare A Tasty Dinner From A Meal Kit

Cooking with your partner is so much fun, and you can still do it virtually this Valentine’s Day. Send a custom gift box ($75, Daily Harvest) to each other a few days prior. Then, you can set up your laptops, sauté, simmer, and bake like you’re in the same room.

2. Film A Dream Trend Video For TikTok

If you and your partner love to dream about the future, you’ll want to film a dream trend video for TikTok. To sum it up, the trend requires you and your SO to text pictures to each other of your dream house, date, bedroom, ring, and more. You can find pictures online and screenshot each category to include the snaps in your video.

3. Arrange Two Bouquets Of Flowers

On Valentine’s Day, your SO may traditionally give you a bouquet of your favorite flowers. This year, go online and send each other some flowers and a vase. Then, during your FaceTime date, arrange the flowers you picked out for each other. This activity will be heartfelt and something you can enjoy in the days to follow. You can order the flowers from UrbanStems or plants from The Sill.

4. Play A Game Of Intimate Questions

Valentine’s Day is a great time to have a deep conversation with your partner. Let’s Get Deep ($20, Target) kicks off the convo so you don’t have to. This game moves from easy to deep questions. As you work your way into the more intimate subjects, you might discover some hilariously embarrassing things about each other.

5. Design A Relationship Scrapbook

Over the course of your relationship, you and your partner have made a ton of amazing memories. Document them by designing scrapbooks during your virtual date. Have your SO print out pictures of your favorite dates, and you can print out photos of holidays and special moments. Use colored paper and fun pens to put the scrapbooks together, and share some laughs.

6. Have A TV-Inspired Photo Session

Despite being apart, you and your SO always watch TV shows together, including Schitt’s Creek and Bridgerton. During your virtual date, channel a couple from your favorite TV show and have a virtual photo session. Get dressed up in outfits that Alexis and Ted or Daphne and Simon would wear, and then take photos that you can piece together to recreate a romantic scene.

7. Play Your Favorite Video Games

Your favorite video games are ready for you and your SO to play on Valentine’s Day. So, grab your controller and turn on your gaming system before FaceTiming your partner. You can play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ($60, Best Buy) for a nostalgia-filled date if you have a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite.

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