Kraft Is Giving Out 1,000 Boxes of Pink, Candy-flavored Mac & Cheese for Valentine’s Day

Right about now, you might be wracking your brain trying to come up with the perfect mid-pandemic Valentine's Day dinner. Given that February 14 yurt reservations may be hard to come by this year, it could be tough coming up with a good way to show you care while making sure you don't want to leave your partner (literally or figuratively) out in the cold. 

If your culinary skills max out at "making Kraft mac and cheese" but you still want to serve that special someone something special, then a (very) limited edition offering from the world's biggest boxed macaroni and cheese brand may be just what you need to steal the show this Valentine's Day. They're getting into the spirit with Candy Kraft Mac & Cheese. That's right: pasta and candy, finally together in one place. 

The most obvious difference is an aesthetic one. Instead of that signature shade of orange, Kraft's candy mac comes with a "candy packet" that turns the pasta that bright pastel shade of pink that seems to peak in usage right around Valentine's Day every year. 

That'd be notable in and of itself, but perhaps a bit unsettling if it still ended up tasting exactly like a typical bowl of Kraft Mac & Cheese. Thankfully, the included candy flavor packet truly lives up to its name. Alongside that salty, savory, cheesy combo that's instantly familiar to anyone who's ever mixed up the sauce, it also has a slight (but unspecified) candy taste, adding in a bit of unexpected sweetness to the mix. Fitting for a humble, everyday meal that registers as a sweet gesture. 

The kicker is that this candy pasta won't be widely available (at least not this year), so you'll have to head over to the appropriately titled to enter for the chance to win a box for yourself. There's no purchase necessary, and entries are open through noon central time on February 8, 2021. 

Don't sweat it if you don't win. There's always pink food coloring and sugar, though I'd probably give that a trial run yourself before serving it to anyone you're hoping to impress. In fact, maybe just look for some heart-shaped pasta instead. 

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