Recipe of the week: Carinthian blueberry ‘datschi’ with vanilla-thyme foam

Carinthian blueberry ‘datschi’ is inspired by local and seasonal ingredients of the Carinthian mountain and lake area with its flora and fauna. It uses blueberries, a seasonal fruit. Furthermore it contains thyme, a herb which grows in Carinthia. The dish combines the tradition of Austrian flour based pastries and the Mediterranean influence of Carinthia – the north-west of Italy. The soft texture of the ‘datschi’ has a juicy and fruity touch of soft, melted blueberries. To round it off, the dish gets an unexpected finishing touch of thyme in the vanilla foam which supports the ‘datschi’ in its sweetness and vanilla taste. Serves 4 people.


The cakes

250 ml milk
2 eggs
50g sugar
1 pack baking powder
1 pack vanilla sugar
Some salt

Vanilla-thyme foam

500 ml milk
1 vanilla pod
1 sprig of thyme
150g sugar
1 pack vanilla sugar
Potato starch for binding

Datschi mixture

100g blueberries
50g sugar
1 teaspoon rum


To make the cakes, mix all ingredients with a whisk. Bake the cakes using a tsp of batter in a hot pan with oil. Divide the datschi mix during the baking process on the cakes and bake them until golden brown on both sides.

For the vanilla-thyme foam, simmer the ingredients for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, remove vanilla-pod and thyme sprig. Bind with potato starch and add extra sugar if necessary.

Serve the blueberry ‘datschi’ next to the vanilla-thyme foam and add some icing sugar to finish the presentation.

Thank you to Hans Peter Haider, Head Chef at hotel12 for the recipe.

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