The world’s most expensive couples retreat

Inspiration Mars has unveiled plans to send a married couple out to Mars and back in January 2018 as part of a project that experts predict will cost at least $1 billion. Despite a lack of NASA backing, the first space tourist, Dennis Toto, has amassed $100 million in initial funding to get the project underway.

The launch date of 5th January 2018 is timed so that the 501 day trip co-incides with a once-in-a-generation approach of the orbits of Earth and the red planet, and the spacecraft will pass within 100 miles of Mars.

A married couple will be selected for the mission but, despite the costs involved, their living conditions will be far from luxurious. Instead, they will be confined to a 600 cubic foot capsule, have no showers, be limited on toilet paper and clothing, and have to drink water made from crew members’ recycled urine and sweat.

So… who here’s up for it?!

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