72-hour sale: Southwest fares fall below $100 round-trip

Yes, timing is important, but there are other factors to consider when searching for cheap flights.

Bargain hunters, get ready. 

Southwest’s big twice-a-year fare sale is back, with round-trip fares below $100 on dozens of the carrier’s shortest routes.

The sale fares also include longer routes, with the price of flights loosely tied to distance. Flights begin at $49 each way on Southwest’s shortest routes and increase to $79, $99 or $129 each way for longer flights.

The sale launched Tuesday morning and is good for travel from Nov. 28 through Dec. 19 and from Jan. 3 through Feb. 13.

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The sale covers a shorter window than last year’s version, when the booking window began Oct. 31. 

However, other fine print mirrors restrictions from previous years of Southwest’s big sales. Flights on Fridays and Sundays are excluded. Schedules for Southwest’s Florida, Nevada and Puerto Rico flights have additional day-of-week restrictions, though the sale’s booking window for Puerto Rico extends through Feb. 28. Orange County flights also were excluded from the sale.

More fine print: The sale applies specifically to nonstop flights, though many connecting itineraries may also show lower-than-usual fares that mirror sale fares. Seats sold at the sale prices are capacity controlled, meaning the cheapest seats will likely sell out on individual flights as the sale progresses.

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