American Airlines flight from Australia to Los Angeles canceled after crew member tests positive for COVID-19

An American Airlines flight from Australia to Los Angeles was canceled Friday after a flight crew member tested positive for COVID-19.

American Flight 72 was due to leave Sydney at 9 a.m. local time but is now due to depart Saturday at 11 a.m., according to the airline’s website.

“An American Airlines flight that was due to depart Sydney this morning was postponed due to a possible COVID-19 case in a flight crew member. The crew member was tested as part of routine surveillance,” New South Wales health officials said in a statement.

It’s being called a possible case because it is not yet known whether the crew member, who had mild symptoms, is still testing positive from a previous COVID infection but is no longer infectious. Antibody tests will determine that, government officials said at a Friday news conference in Sydney.

The Daily Telegraph, a newspaper in Sydney, called the incident a “Covid scare at the airport.”

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