Belligerent Passenger Diverts American Airlines Flight

An American Airlines flight traveling from Phoenix to Boston was forced to divert to Kansas City, Missouri Monday after a male passenger allegedly became belligerent and refused to stop doing pull-ups from the overhead baggage compartment.

According to CBS Boston, passengers said the unruly passenger boarded the plane with a woman and two dogs and appeared to be intoxicated before he began hanging onto the overhead bin.

“The flight attendant probably asked him three or four times to sit down and he refused to sit down and then he really got verbally abusive with her, starting calling her names,” said passenger David Markoski.

Security escorted the man off the plane upon landing in Kansas City and the flight continued on to Boston, landing at Logan International Airport just after 1 a.m. Tuesday.

A Boston bound American Airlines flight was diverted to Kansas City so security could remove an unruly passenger. #WBZ

It’s unclear if the unidentified man will face charges as a result of the incident, which comes less than one month after a man caused a Qantas Airways flight to reverse course after locking himself inside of the bathroom and later attempting to fight passengers and crew members.

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