U.S. airlines manage busy Thanksgiving holiday without disruption

U.S. airlines made it through the Thanksgiving holiday without operational disruptions. 

The week was capped on Sunday with the busiest day ever at TSA airport security checkpoints, which screened more than 2.9 million flyers. The TSA screened 17.08 million flyers during Thanksgiving week. 

For the seven days between Nov. 20 and Nov. 26, U.S. carriers canceled just 0.2% of the 159,950 flights they had scheduled, according to FlightAware. There were delays for 16.9% of flights.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, flyers have spread Thanksgiving travel over a longer period of time due to the flexibility afforded by more stay-at-home and hybrid work opportunities. As a result, TSA is now looking at a 12-day pattern, spanning from Nov. 17 to Nov. 28, to determine if this is the busiest Thanksgiving travel period ever. The agency had projected that it would screen nearly 30 million passengers over that period, a record. 

Sunday’s TSA throughput of 2.907 million broke the previous daily record of 2.884 million, which was set on June 30.

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