American states quiz questions and answers: Test YOUR knowledge

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States in the US are bound together in a political union, where each state holds governmental jurisdiction over a separate and defined geographic territory. A state shares its sovereignty with the federal US government. But how much do you actually know about the American states? tests your knowledge.

American states quiz questions

Question 1: How many states are there in the US?

Question 2: The flag of California has a big, furry animal on it. What is it?

Question 3: Is Washington DC a state?

Question 4: Only one US state begins with the letter D. What is the name of the state?

Question 5: What US state has the biggest land area?

Question 6: Which state is Helena the capital of?

Question 7: How many states begin with the letter M?

Question 8: How many of the US’ states are islands?

Question 9: Which of the Us states is the largest by population?

Question 10: How many states border Canada?

Question 11: In which US state would you find the famous attraction Mount Rushmore?

Question 12: Is Puerto Rico one of the US’ states?

Question 13: Every state has a two-letter abbreviation. Which state is abbreviated as CO?

Question 14: Salt Lake City is the capital of which US state?

Question 15: Which state is Boston in?

Question 16: Which state was home to the first official capital of the US, once the constitution was ratified?

Question 17: Which state is known as the Heart of Dixie?

Question 18: What is the name of Colorado’s mountain range?

Question 19: Which state is Ivy League school Yale located in?

Question 20: What is the state of Hawaii’s flower?

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American states quiz answers

Answer 1: 50

Answer 2: A bear

Answer 3: No. Washington DC is in Columbia, a stateless district

Answer 4: Delaware

Answer 5: Alaska

Answer 6: Montana

Answer 7: Eight

Answer 8: One (Hawaii)

Answer 9: California

Answer 10: 13

Answer 11: South Dakota

Answer 12: No, but it’s a territory

Answer 13: Colorado

Answer 14: Utah

Answer 15: Massachusetts

Answer 16: New York

Answer 17: Alabama

Answer 18: Rocky Mountains

Answer 19: Connecticut

Answer 20: Hibiscus

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