Attractive Croatian town selling off properties for as little as 11p each

A town in Croatia is selling off homes for just one kuna (the equivalent of 11p) in the hopes of attracting people to live in the area.

The insanely cheap houses are being sold at an even lower price than the €1 properties being sold in Italy.

But, there are some terms and conditions which need to be met if you buy a Croatian home for pennies.

Firstly, the houses are somewhat run down and will need a lot of work due to mouldy walls and floors and missing windows and doors.

Plus, to purchase one you need to be fully employed, under the age of 40 and willing to move there for 15 years.

So, it won’t be any good if you wanted to buy a cheap holiday home…

But, the authorities in the local area are willing to give buyers 25,000 kuna (£2,900) to help them with the renovations.

Meaning that if you’re looking to make a move for cheap and can work remotely from anywhere then you could head to Legrad, Croatia to buy one of the 19 properties.

And, you’ll be helping to revitalise and bring a community feel back to the area.

All for just 11p.

The town used to have a large population before the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but now has only 2,250 residents as it is a border town with few transport links to other cities.

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Town mayor Ivan Sabolic said: "We turned into a border town with few transport connections to other places.

“Since then the population has been gradually falling."

Already, 17 of the 19 properties have been snapped up with residents from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Argentina.

And, its easy to see why when the countryside is so beautiful…

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