Base jumpers leap from Nashville’s Grand Hyatt hotel rooftop bar, sparking ‘mass panic’

Two base jumpers leapt from the outdoor rooftop bar of the Grand Hyatt Nashville on Jan. 1, causing “mass panic” among the bar patrons who witnessed the ordeal, according to police.

Nashville resident Amanda Bagley was having a New Year’s reunion with friends at the rooftop lounge “when a couple guys base jumped off the roof,” she wrote on Facebook, sharing a now-viral video of her shock at seeing the men walk straight to the roof’s ledge and leap off. 

Staff members tried to stop the men from jumping, but their calls went unheeded.

“They had all the gear and just brazenly walked out there like they knew what they were doing,” Bagley told Nashville’s WSMV TV. “I would be lying if (I said) I wasn’t experiencing some trauma. There was staff shouting that you can’t do that.” 

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