British tourists issued bedbug warning – key signs

A surge in bedbugs in Paris has caused panic among residents and tourists. The Government has vowed to take action after the bugs were spotted on public transport and in cinemas.

Bedbugs can inflict itchy bites on holidaymakers and the critters can even travel home with a tourist in their luggage.

But how can tourists avoid the bugs? Luckily, there are a few warning signs to look out for in a hotel room.

Nic Shacklock, a spokesperson from Online-Bedrooms, said: “Nothing would ruin your holiday more than finding out you’ve been sharing the bed with some unwelcome guests.”

He shared the top signs to look out for including an unpleasant musty odour and any suspicious stains.

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Signs to look out for


When bedbugs are squashed they tend to release a lot of blood. This is usually around the seams of a bed mattress as that’s where they tend to hide.


Bedbug eggs are tiny and can be found in many places around the room. They are usually about 1mm wide and pale yellow in colour.

Musty odour

Bedbug odour is usually strong, musty and unpleasant. It’s strongest if there are a lot of bedbugs present.

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Dark spots on walls

Bed bugs can leave stains on the walls. Any dark stains could be bedbug excrement and tourists shouldn’t touch any of the affected areas.

Bug shells

Bedbugs shed their skins when they start to grow. Tourists should look out for small specks that may crunch if squashed. Key areas to check include mattresses, headboards, sofas and other upholstery.

Worn or aged upholstery

Older fabric that looks as though it hasn’t been cleaned in a while could attract bedbugs. It’s important to check all the room’s furnishings.

White spots on furniture

Bed bugs also like to lay their eggs on furniture, especially sofas. They are also attracted to curtains and other soft furnishings.


If a tourist wakes up with small, red, itchy spots, they may have been bitten by a bed bug. The bites usually form a straight line across the body.

Bedbugs can travel back in luggage so it’s important to wash clothes immediately after a holiday if tourists suspect they’ve been affected.

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