California's 'Castle in the Forest' Is a Huge Mansion You Can Rent on Airbnb

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A stunning castle can be found in the Skyforest region of San Bernardino, California. 

The Castle in the Forest

Called the "Castle in the Forest," the sprawling home is 10,000 square feet, and it's available for bookings throughout the year on vacation rental websites. 

The extravagant rental home was modeled to look like a real castle, featuring multiple fireplaces and chandeliers. 

The Castle in the Forest

The house features custom gothic architecture, like the paneled walls and arched windows, according to its Airbnb listing.

There are floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the property. 

The Castle in the Forest

The windows offer views of the surrounding forest, according to the Airbnb listing. 

The house features multiple kitchens, so you and your friends don't have to fight over what to cook for dinner. 

The Castle in the Forest

The kitchens are fully equipped with appliances and basic supplies, like spices and cooking oil.

You can eat dinner in the formal dining room. 

The Castle in the Forest

The castle also features several salons, so you can switch up where you eat throughout your stay.

You can also relax in the castle's built-in Bavarian-style pub.

The Castle in the Forest

It's the ideal space for celebrating, as there are booths and bar stools for all of your guests to sit. There's an additional wine cellar in the castle to store your beverages, too.

The castle can sleep up to 22 people.

The Castle in the Forest

The property features nine beds in six bedrooms, as well as seven and a half bathrooms.

Some of your friends would have to share a room, but they wouldn't have to sacrifice comfort in the process.

The Castle in the Forest

The home overlooks a brook, giving visitors views of nature throughout the property.

There is also a theater on the property that is perfect for movie nights.

The Castle in the Forest

You can also explore the grand ballroom and game room during your stay.

The Airbnb listing also states that many of the rooms in the castle are designed to make you feel like you're exploring a medieval property.

The Castle in the Forest

The study, for example, has paneled wood walls and a pointed fireplace.

A stay in the castle costs $2,595 a night.

The Castle in the Forest

The cost comes out to $129 per person when split between 20 guests. Taxes, cleaning services, and surcharges for additional guests are not included in the base cost, and there is a minimum two-night stay.

You can check out the Airbnb listing here.

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