Europe's most-disrupted flights revealed, but how did Irish airports fare?

Mykonos to London Gatwick is the most disrupted flight route in Europe, with 75pc of all flights this year suffering delays of one kind or another.

That’s according to new research by flight compensation company, which lists the 50 most disrupted flight routes on the continent.

Routes involving Irish airports feature twice in its Top 10 (below), with almost 68pc of flights from Eindhoven to Dublin and 67pc from Krakow to Dublin delayed this year, the company claims.

“This year, we’ve seen the worst European flight disruptions on record,” said Paloma Salmeron, an air passenger rights expert at the company

The study analysed European routes between January 1 and October 9 of 2018, AirHelp says, ranking them based on the percentage of flights delayed by more than 15 minutes.

Data was aggregated from multiple sources including government agencies, airport databanks, flight-tracking vendors, historical resources and commercial data brokers.

Europe’s 10 most disrupted flights routes

In a year of weather disruptions like Storm Emma (below) and what Ryanair calls “the worst summer of Air Traffic Control strikes on record”,  the results hardly make for surprising reading.

Flights to and from the UK were most likely to suffer delays, AirHelp says, with over 186,000 departures delayed or cancelled to date – up 27,000 on last year.

61pc of flights from the Cote d’Azur to Dublin were delayed (a route ranking 24th on the list), with similar delays from Dublin to Eindhoven (25) and Dublin to Lisbon (26). 

60pc of flights from London Gatwick to Cork Airport were delayed by more than 15 minutes (27), it adds, while 59pc of flights from Lyon St-exupery to Dublin (31) were delayed.

Tuesday was recorded as the travel day least prone to delays – with 78pc of flights arriving on time – while Sunday was worst affected, with more than one in four flights delayed or cancelled.

Under EU regulations, airline passengers whose flights are cancelled are entitled to a full refund, rebooking onto the next available flight, or rebooking onto an alternative route.

In certain situations, they may also be entitled to compensation.

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