Fiendishly difficult emoji quiz asks you to identify the holiday destination

Can you complete our fiendishly difficult emoji quiz?

The challenge asks you to identify the holiday destinations based on the emoticons.

Each location is dotted around the world.

While some are closer to home, others are far-flung slices of tropical paradise.

If you score between 8 and 11, you can call yourself a virtual jet-setter.

But only those who get 12/12 are the ultimate travel buffs.

Finding it too tricky? Don't give up yet!

Check out our handy hints below.


1. Name the animal

2. If you’re running, you’re probably…

3. Also something you’d say if you were disappointed

4. Which accessory do you tie around your neck? No, it’s not a scarf

5. A synonym for cold

6. An island in the Indian Ocean

7. When you’re ticking things off a list, you say…

8. Think Northern Lights

9. Karaoke fans use microphones in order to…

10. Where do boats dock?

11. You drool when you're…

12. A rectangular shape is a…


1. Turkey

2. Russia

3. Oman

4. Thailand

5. Chile

6. Seychelles

7. Czech Republic

8. Iceland

9. Sinapore

10. Portugal

11. Hungary

12. Cuba

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