Flight attendant reveals pay secret, only paid when plane doors close

A flight attendant has revealed behind-the-scenes details about her job.

American flight attendant Ally Case has posted a series of now-viral videos on TikTok answering questions people “always” ask about what she does.

In her videos, Ms Case addresses subjects such as whether hotels are free for flight attendants, if men can be flight attendants, and whether flight attendants are trained in first aid and CPR – which are all answered with a “yes”.

She also explains that she and her co-workers eat plane food, that she “never” flies the same routes and that on long-haul trips, flight attendants have “a specific crew rest area where we have bunks and we can sleep for our break period”.

But one titbit viewers focused most on was the fact flight attendants only get paid while the boarding door was closed, as Ms Case explained in one of her videos.

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“Once the door is closed, the clock starts,” she said. “Once the boarding door opens, it stops. So your flight attendants are not getting paid during boarding and deplaning, so be especially nice during those times.”

Many commenters said they were shocked to learn about that rule.

“You aren’t paid til the door closes!?!” one person wrote. “That is crazy to me.”

Another commenter said: “That’s so unfair to not be paid while working.”

“Wow that’s not cool,” someone else wrote.

Flight attendant Ally Case has answered questions about the job on TikTok. Picture: @allycase1Source:TikTok TikTok

Few people realised flight attendants are only paid while the plane doors are closed. Picture: @allycase1Source:TikTok TikTok

“Imagine not getting paid half the time you’re at work,” one commenter said. “Wow.”

Despite people’s shock, other flight attendants have confirmed that they only get paid for their time during a fight – but not for boarding, deplaning or cleaning the plane afterwards, according to a report from Business Insider last year.

Aside from that question of pay, Ms Case explained other more positive aspects of being a flight attendant, including flying for free on domestic flights and only paying exit taxes of the country you’re leaving on international flights.

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Ms Case said she has become used to turbulence, she always has a suitcase packed and she could fly anywhere from one to five flights on a given day.

She also answered the question: “Does anyone else get to fly for free with you?”

“Yes, you can choose a spouse, a sibling, a best friend, someone that gets your same exact flight benefits and you can travel the world with them,” she said in one of the videos.

The first two videos in the series – which were posted in September – have been viewed more than 2 million times each and her third video has been viewed more than 121,800 times.

Ms Case has also posted TikTok videos with hotel safety tips and other hotel hacks.

This article originally appeared on Fox News and was reproduced with permission

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