Flight attendant shares secret button that makes seats more comfortable

Plane seats aren’t known for being comfortable. That is, unless you manage to pay for a seat in business class – or snag a free upgrade.

When sitting in economy we’re almost all cramped, with little legroom and left fighting over the arm rests with our neighbours. But, there are things you can do to make your flight more comfy.

We've found some of the best hacks for getting free legroom, opening up that aisle seat and even giving your feet a rest. Give them a try!

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Thankfully, a flight attendant from Virgin Australia, @virginaustralia, shared one hack which could make life at 35,000ft more comfortable for your journey. Especially if you’re stuck there for a long haul flight.

In a video on the airline’s TikTok account, the glam cabin crew member shared the one thing she does to get herself some extra room when sitting in the aisle seat. As most people who are taller or a bit wider than others tends to opt for the aisle seat it could be handy.

She showed on the underside of the armrest there's a small lever-like button which when pressed allows you to move the armrest up and out of the way entirely. Many people believe the aisle arm rest is fixed, but if you find the button – towards the hinge of the arm – you can then spill out into the aisle a little more.

We’re sure that’s a relief for those who have felt the armrest cutting off their circulation before! Just make sure to put it back down during landing and try not to get in peoples’ way when they’re walking down the aisle.

The video went viral with over 67,000 views, In the comments, people were impressed.

Rob said: "I’ve known about this for ages. Saw an air steward do it once. It made getting out of the rows way easier."

While Darren added: "They’re not all the same but essentially that’s correct. Emirates is a hole, BA is a bar at the rear."

"Thank you – I can undo this and relax in the air," said Shmali while others said it was the "best seat" in the row.

The hack isn't the only way to get some extra space. Of course, you can pay for extra legroom – but who wants to shell out more money?

One Ryanair passenger claims that he simply checks the booking app to see which seats are free and cheekily sits in them without paying. However, Travel Lens say there are other ways to bag the perfect seat for your flight.

It claims there are apps and websites available, such as ExpertFlyer, which send you notifications when a better seat becomes available on a flight.

If it is time to check in and a roomier seat is available, there’s no harm in asking staff members on the desk if you could move to this seat, as they may agree to it.

Plus, if you check in fairly late you may snag one too. If you’re flying alone or with someone but are fine sitting on your own, then it’s worth taking a risk and checking in once the majority of other passengers have, as there may be seats with extra room available which the airline is then happy to allocate to the remaining passengers for free.

Meanwhile, one woman claims a foot hammock is the ultimate accessory. A young woman's go-to plane hack had her fiancé confused when she brought it out on the plane.

On TikTok, Jake Miller shared a clip of his partner on a journey to Thailand. He said: "My fiancée brought a foot hammock for this 14 hour flight to Thailand."

His intended was shown carrying her hammock around before hooking it up to the seat and sliding her feet inside to relax. In the comments section, Jake said: "She's boujee."

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