Welsh seaside town has ‘best beach in Europe’ with white sand and crystal waters

There are hundreds of beaches in the UK that are worth a visit.

Some in Cornwall have been compared to Hawaii or are even said look like the Caribbean, while others are in London or up in Yorkshire and celebrated by locals.

But, recently attention has been called to one UK seaside town. Tenby, in Wales, has gone viral in dozens of TikTok videos praising the beautiful beaches and streets.

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While you might be forgiven for thinking the video platform only ever hypes up Balinese beaches and luxury Dubai hotels the small Welsh town has beckoned many.

Influencers have flocked to the seaside resort and it’s been found to be the most popular Welsh beach town on the platform.

In fact, you could say that users of the platform have become pretty obsessed with the pretty little seaside town which now has over 31.4m views, according to Simply Sea Views. But why?

Well, it first got attention because Wally the Walrus stopped on the docks there during his unusual stopover to the UK.

Wally is known for being a wanderer who chills out around Ireland and Britain – which is far away from the usual range of the animal.

But, influencers who came for the Walrus soon fell in love with the small beach town itself. Starting out as a health resort in Victorian times Tenby is truly a charming little spot.

It has Instagram-worthy pastel coloured houses, a harbour filled with fishing boats and quaint cobbled streets.

Plus, the beach often tops lists of the best beaches around – including The Times naming it the best beach in Europe. The North Beach regularly receives five star reviews on TripAdvisor with one recent visitor, Amanda P exclaiming: "Absolutely stunning, white beach, crystal clear water. You could be anywhere abroad. We were extremely lucky with the weather."

Jo, from Watford, added: "A soft, sandy beach in town, next to the harbour. Stunning views from up on the cliffs. Goskar rock sits in the sand, towering over visitors. Many places to eat and drink close by. We walked this beach many times during our stay here, it is especially beautiful at night and the path is well lit."

One reviewer from Stevenage said: "All immaculately clean and inviting and watched over by lifeguards. Lots choice of boat trips, fishing trips."

Tenby's Lifeboat station, its second most popular attraction according to TripAdvisor. Dating from 1852 it gives an unmistakably Wes Anderson-esque backdrop to videos shot on the beach – a popular trend on TikTok right now.

There are vintage sweet shops, gorgeous views from the harbour walls and you can take a trip to the beach-laden Caldey island too.

Josh Walker at Simply Sea Views said: "Once Wally the Walrus put Tenby on the map it was only a matter of time before everyone realised what a beautiful place Tenby is, and for budding travel influencers without the budget or the inclination to jump on a long haul flight Tenby really is the perfect place to explore right here in the UK.

"With its brightly coloured pastel buildings curving around the walls, visitors to Tenby are spoiled by not just one but three exceptional white sand beaches and its craggy pirate island jutting out of the sand. On shore you’ve got the dramatic castle walls, winding lanes and old-fashioned sailors' pubs, the whole town could be a movie set!"

Meanwhile, nudist beach in the UK has been compared to the Caribbean thanks to its soft sands, crystal-clear waters and gorgeous surrounding scenery.

Pedn Vounder, in Cornwall, is a nudist-friendly beach on the south coast known for its towering cliff, bright blue waters and white sand. It can be accessed either by boat or on food through a coastal path along the beach.

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