Futuristic superyacht comes complete with 125ft high infinity pool

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The insanely lavish superyacht, dubbed Shaddai, boasts a vertigo-inducing tower which teeters 125ft above sea level.

Taking above deck to dizzying new heights, the radical platform comes complete with a master cabin.

Up there, the owner can snooze in a luxurious bedroom, take a swim in the jaw-dropping infinity pool or sip on a refreshing beverage at the boozy bar.

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Looking out from the 1,130 square foot terrace will give any keen sailor some awe-inspiring views of the ocean scenery.

Designer Gabriel Teruzzi said he tried to think outside the box when he dreamt up the elevated owner’s cabin aboard his superyacht.

He said: “From there he can reach the feeling of a higher power, surrounded by the immensity of the sea and sky, reaching the clouds where everything reflects his place in the world: at the top.

“Furthermore, the infinity pool produces a visual effect of water with no boundary, merging with the sky.”

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On the main deck there’s another infinity pool with a glass floor which looks onto the lower deck where theres a beach club, aquarium and yet another swimming pool.

The over-the-top vessel is designed to be made out top quality materials and textiles from chic Italian fashion houses.

The yacht’s name, Shaddai, is a Hebrew word which means “almighty” or “omnipotent”.

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Gabriel revealed the superyacht’s modern and sleek and aesthetic was inspired by contemporary architecture.

He said: “To ascend from the ground has been a desire in the human kind since the very beginnings.

“There are precious examples like the Tower of Babel, the Pyramids in Egypt and today in the magnificent skyscrapers.

“The wish to touch the clouds continues to be present in the most powerful minds.”

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