Best European road trip holidays named – including ‘perfect’ Spanish route

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Whether they hire a caravan, drive a motorhome or pack camping equipment in the car, many British tourists love a road trip. But where are the best destinations?

Flight free holidays can be so much fun and they cut down on carbon output, making road trips an eco friendly option.

Your Red Car has named its best road trip holidays for 2022. From beaches to charming villages, there’s something for everyone.

Spain – Drive time 15 hours

Over an epic 850 mile route, British tourists can enjoy an incredible road trip to beautiful Spain this year.

Your Red Car said: “You can’t take a road trip down to Spain without stopping at France’s capital city.

“Home to the famous Eiffel Tower and buzzing culture – a trip to the Moulin Rouge is a must.

“As you drive south, explore France’s stunning coastal cities including La Rochelle and the country’s wine-growing hub, Bordeaux.

“Needing at least a week’s travel, the Basque Circuit begins at the busy port of Bilbao and takes you south through the picturesque Basque country.

“Whether you want to stretch those legs and hike along any of the mountain ranges outside of Bilbao’s city limits, or want to visit Pamplona’s San Fermin festival in July, which features Spain’s famous running of the Bulls, the Basque Circuit is the perfect balance between beauty and elegance.”

Germany – Drive time 12 hours

A 600 mile route, Germany could be the perfect choice for an epic road trip holiday in 2022.

Your Red Car said: “Sure, flying to Germany is quicker, but it passes by the opportunity to cruise through some of Western Europe’s historical and scenic wonders.

“As you pass through France, be sure to take in the historic and scenic attractions like the Plage de Malos-les-Baines in Dunkirk and scenic routes like Calais Beach.

“Spanning over 220 miles, a scenic road trip from Wurzburg to Fussen is a popular route for motor tourists.

“ Boasting fairytale castles, charming villages and picturesque towns, you won’t be short of a jam-packed itinerary.

“Highlights include the impressive architecture of Rothernburg ob der Tauber and the iconic Neuschwanstein castle. Oh, and be sure to pick up some delicious Schneebälle, a popular local delicacy with the locals.”

Italy – Drive time 21 hours

An epic 1,300 mile route, Britons will find plenty to excite them in stunning Italy this summer.

Your Red Car said: “The antithesis of Mediterranean landscape, the Amalfi Coast’s dramatic cliff faces beautifully offset its golden shores.

“Perfectly sandwiched between the Sorrentine Peninsula and the Tyrrhenian sea, the 34-mile long coast is a hotspot for those looking to absorb the wonders of Italy’s natural beauty.

“Taking only two days to explore, you’ll find it easy to be distracted by highlights like the Palazzo Murat, former home of Giochino Murat, King of Naples or the grey pebble beach of Spiaggia Grande where you can absorb the sun’s rays in unmitigated bliss.

“It also gives its visitors a chance to relive the Jacobean tragedy ‘The Duchess of Malfi’ without all the drama!”

France – Drive time 14 hours

Over 880 miles, British tourists could see the best of France on a charming road trip holiday.

Your Red Car said: “Cruise into France via the Eurotunnel and get the most out of this glorious country – literally – with a North to South trip down to the famous French Riviera. Pass through the coastal city of Calais down to the centre of Lyon, which holds 2,000 years of history from the Renaissance.

“As you get closer to the South of France, check out port city Marseille’s famous Notre-Dame de la Garde.”

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