Holidays: Experts issue warning – Britons must get travel insurance for staycations

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Holidays in the UK can seem a much simpler option for British holidaymakers than going abroad. However, it’s a mistake to think you won’t need travel insurance if you’re just going on a staycation, though. Travel experts have explained the importance of holiday cover for the UK and shared their travel advice.

“It is important to take out travel insurance for a staycation under normal circumstances to cover various issues,” Antony Martin, Managing Director at exclusively told

“[These include] cancellation in case you or your travel companion falls ill just before the trip, curtailment in case you have to cut your staycation short, transport delays, lost or stolen luggage and personal liability to cover legal expenses if you’re held responsible for causing damages or injury to another person while on holiday.”

Holiday insurance is especially key during the coronavirus pandemic.

“In the current situation it is vital for travellers to take out travel insurance that covers against COVID-related issues both pre-departure and during a trip as well as the points listed above,” said Martin.

“While restrictions are easing, it is not possible to predict the progress of the pandemic.

“UK cities and regions may go back into lockdown if there is a spike in cases, so we advise Brits to ensure they have the necessary cover, should their chosen accommodation be required to close.”

So what should holidaymakers look for in a travel insurance policy if they have a staycation in the diary?

“The main things you should look for within your UK travel insurance policy are cancellation cover (for your home transport and accommodation costs) and delays, cover for a holiday being cut short (this is usually called ‘curtailment’, lost, stolen or damaged luggage and personal liability,” Tommy Lloyd, Managing Director at Medical Travel Compared told

“When getting cancellation cover you need to make sure the amount is enough to cover all of your expenditure on your travel and accommodation costs – you don’t want to be left short if the worst should happen.

“The cover limits are usually per person, so do bear this in mind.”

As for enhanced COVID-19 cover, Lloyd advised: “These policies could cover you if you need to cancel your staycation as you’ve caught COVID-19 or have to self-isolate.

“Always check your policy wording to find out exactly what you are and are not covered for – as it can differ between insurance providers.”

It’s also vital you buy your cover from a well-respected company.

“Always purchase travel insurance from a reputable, trustworthy company and check online reviews of the product,” said Martin.

“It is key not to always choose a policy based on price as many cheaper policies have very high excesses which can work out more expensive if people need to make a claim.

“It is important now more than ever for travellers to read and understand exactly what they are covered for to ensure they choose the policy that is right for them and will protect them from any COVID-19 related issues.

“Consumers should make sure they buy a travel insurance policy that offers free amendments, so if holiday plans change they can move their cover.”

Martin warned that travellers must get their insurance at the right time.

“It is essential for consumers to book travel insurance at the same time as they book their holiday, for a trip abroad or a staycation, to ensure they are covered both pre-departure and during their trip,” he said.

If you have an annual policy in place, it’s likely it will include the UK and your staycation but always double-check.

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