How to plan the perfect in-state road trip during COVID-19

For families looking to get away in a safe and responsible way during the COVID-19 pandemic, taking an in-state road trip is a great option. A staycation in your own state allows you to remain close to home, and you don’t have to worry about different state travel advisories or quarantine restrictions upon entry into a new state or your return trip from a neighboring state. And, of course, it gives you the chance to appreciate your home state in a whole new way: as a tourist.  

I checked with local experts in my area for tips on planning a perfect in-state road trip. My family is based in western New York, but don’t worry – these tips are transferable to any in-state road trip no matter where you call home. 

1. Check out the tourism boards for both your state and different cities in your state

As you shift into tourist mode for your home state, the natural place to start your road trip planning are the local tourism boards. For New York, I headed to I Love New York’s website, which provides an overview of the different state regions and what to do there. As with most state tourism websites, you can quickly find things to do and places to stay right on the website, or download your state’s mobile app for while you’re on the go. 

Rachel Pulvino of Visit Rochester recommends checking out the websites for each of the major local tourism boards within your state as well to research options on things to do in any given city or region. To find your state’s official travel site, head to, then click on destinations and states.

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