Lad, 18, ‘freaks out’ mum by asking to go to Red Light District with her

A teen lad 'freaked out' his mum after asking to visit the Red Light District – together.

The street famous for its sex shops and brothels is often seen as one of the most known tourist attractions in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

However, this did not stop this 18-year-old seeking to tick it off his family holiday to do list.

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Taking to Reddit, the 'eager' lad shared that the area of city took his fancy.

He explained: "My mum and I don’t travel that much but we’re going to Amsterdam in a bit over a week and I’m eager to go there.

"I’ll be going with my mum only and I looked at stuff to do while there. There’s a lot but one of them was to visit the Red Light District.

Despite wanting to include the visit on the itinerary, the mum did not share the interest.

The teen now fears he's been an 'a**hole' for suggesting that the duo take a trip to the Red Light District.

He continued: "I thought it would be interesting to visit it so I told my mum about it and she kinda freaked out.

"She told me it’s gross and she doesn’t wanna walk there as a woman especially with her son. She thought it was even weird and disgusting that I brought it up and she is still pretty angry about it.

"I’m not looking to hire anyone or stuff like that."

Baffled as to why the lad wants to visit with his mum, many people fled to the comments to slam his suggestion.

One person commented: "Call me old-fashioned but I think it's fucking weird to want to go to the Red Light District with your parent. Maybe I'm just a prude."

Another user added: "As a mum there's no way I'm going there with my sons lol."

While a third voiced: "My mum and I walked through. It was awkward."

Someone else slammed: "Dude, it’s your mum! Not appropriate and pretty gross you asked her to go. That is a solo adventure."

Meanwhile, a fifth remarked: "That's literally such a weird thing to suggest to your mum why would you even wanna look at that kinda stuff with her."

Although, others felt like the teen was not in the wrong.

One user said: "It is a tourist destination and a perfectly OK place for you both to check out, especially during the daytime.

"At night it basically turns into a downtown bar scene with a little more sex appeal than usual."

A second noted: "It is literally just pubs, restaurants and coffeehouses at this point. Some sex toy stores, a few red lit windows but barely."

This person noted: "Walking through the Red Light District is fine.

"They are not doing anything where you can see and they are not accosting you. Your mum will be fine."

A fourth user expressed: "You are not an a**hole for asking because probably you were just curious and that's fine, but of course your mother has the right to feel uncomfortable about it."

And, another defended: "I think people are overreacting.

"Original poster didn’t say he wants a threesome with his mother.

"He simply wants to check out the historic LEGAL red light district of Amsterdam."


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