Travelodge guest confused by welcome message telling him not to ‘wet the bed’

A Travelodge visitor was left gobsmacked after entering his hotel room to find a rather unusual 'welcome' message left on his bed.

Usually, any notes left by the staff tell guests the Wi-fi code, check-out time and any other perks in the room.

However, this particular note urged the bloke not to wet the bed.

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Matthew Clarke, 39, booked into the Travelodge at London Docklands Central on September 30 ahead of taking part in Sunday's London Marathon.

When the dad-of-three returned to his room and switched on the TV, he was confronted by a “strange” message on the screen.

The message read: “Welcome to Premier Inn. Please don't wet bed.”

Matthew, a civil servant, was baffled and even wondered if he was in the correct hotel.

However, he also says he saw the funny side of the message – and insisted he has never wet the bed and so it was not a “personal attack” and the writer clearly has no “prior knowledge” of him.

Matthew, from Swansea, Wales, said: "It does make you wonder what's gone on there before.

"It's a strange thing to see when you turn your telly on. My first thought was 'Am I in the right hotel?', because it said 'Welcome to Premier Inn.'

"Then when I read, 'Please don't wet the bed', I thought 'It's not something I'm likely to do anyway', and I thought it was funny.

"I'd like to say that I've never wet the bed, so they weren't working with some kind of prior knowledge.

"It's not like they were aware in advance and thought 'Mr Clarke's coming. Let's remind him not to wet the bed'.

"I didn't see it as a personal attack on my reputation."

The runner said he brought up the bizarre message with hotel staff the next morning who he says were as baffled as he was at who was responsible for it.

Matthew added: "I mentioned it when I checked out the next day, and they said they'd take a look at the room. They were a bit surprised as well.

"I didn't know where it had come from or who would have access to the messages on the TV screens.

"It could be staff, it could be a previous guest playing a prank on the next person in the room – I just really don't know.

"It could even be a bit of corporate hi-jinks between the rival hotels.

"Who knows, it's not something I've seen before.

"I didn't think anything bad of it, it seemed like someone was on the wind-up."


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