£30,000 extra only VIP guests on a cruise get to enjoy

World’s Most Expensive Cruise Ship: Crew unbox $7000 flowers

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The Splendor is the world’s most expensive cruise ship, with a night’s stay costing a guest up to £9,000. In the most recent episode, Channel 5 viewers saw the cruise liner travel through the fjord lands of Scandinavia and before they set sail, a delivery of fresh flowers arrived.

General manager Frank was on hand to unbox thousands of fresh flowers, and he commented: “It’s like Christmas! Red roses”

The voice-over explained: “Before the ship sets sail, general manager Frank is helping with the final touches to the decadent decor; overseeing a delivery of fresh flowers with no expense spared.”

“No fake flowers onboard,” Frank remarked. As for how much the flowers cost, he revealed: “The budget is between $7,000-8,000 just for this cruise.”

Meaning the flowers are changed for every new cruise to ensure the high standards of decor are met.

Holding a large bunch of white and green flowers, Frank said: “This is for the VIP in the atrium, where we have these beautiful vases that cost $25,000 a vase. And they are the flowers going inside [each vase]”.

And it’s no surprise the VIP guests get such beautiful bouquets when a top suite for the duration of the trip will set you back nearly £130,000.

The flowers are just one reason why the trip could cost a VIP £130,000: the Veranda Suite is a whopping 4,443 square feet. To put that into comparison, the average three-bedroom house in the UK comes in at 947 square feet.

Inside the suite are a living room, dining space and built-in spa complete with a hot tub and sauna.

Despite its huge size, there are only two bedrooms, but each one has a £164,000 Hastens Vividus custom handmade mattress.

The mattresses are exclusively made in Sweden and are said to be loved by the Royal Family.

As for what the views are like from the suite, guests can enjoy an unobstructed 270 degrees, and the balcony comes with stylish sunbeds perfect for watching sunsets.

Those staying in the Veranda Suite also have a dedicated butler, who is available 24/7.

If a £130k price tag is a little too expensive, there are other suites onboard; the Regent Suite offers a first-class experience complete with a butler and a personal car with a driver and guides at every port stop.

There is also a hot tub and balcony like the Veranda Suite, and the bathroom is fitted with Dyson hairdryers and toiletries by the French luxury brand, L’Occitane.

Other incredible accommodations on board include the Splendor Suite and Penthouse Suite.

And all guests can choose a pillow of their liking from a pillow menu – including water pillows.

With the cruise liner being so large, there are several eateries to choose from.

The Compass Rose is the largest speciality restaurant at sea, others include Pacific Rim, which serves a range of Asian foods and is decorated with mythical dragon structures, and Prime 7, a steakhouse.

Chartreuse is a French restaurant onboard and an Italian restaurant has an over-water seating area that brings guests closer to the ocean.

There is also a Culinary Arts Kitchen that offers guests a chance to get hands-on with a gourmet cooking class hosted by some of the world’s best chefs.

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