Man Caught Trying to Steal $9,000 From Another Passenger’s Airport Security Bin

Here’s your reminder to always keep an eye on your stuff, even when it’s in the security checkpoint bins.

According to Fox News, a man at Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport was captured on CCTV stealing over $9,000 cash from another passenger while they went through security on Friday.

The CCTV footage was released on Twitter later that day.

The Polizia di Stato, Italy’s border police, arrested the man, shown in the footage in a white shirt swiping the envelopes full of cash before taking his own belongings. The man hid the money in an airport bathroom to be retrieved on his return journey back to Rome.

According to the Twitter post, as translated by USA Today, the man was apprehended as he was about to get on a plane. The Independent reported the man was on his way to Russia. The money was safely returned to its rightful owner.

In the video, the money was placed in a yellow security bin for screening by a man in a pink shirt. According to Fox News and the description on Twitter, the money was meant for medical treatment for a relative.

According to The Independent, police said in a statement that the thief “took advantage” of a “moment of distraction.” It’s probably safe to assume that the man was not a criminal mastermind.

Travelers’ valuables are often left out of owner’s eyesight for several minutes as they go through the security scanners, giving potential thieves the perfect opportunity to swipe whatever is left out in the open. However, thefts like this are quite rare.

“Airports work closely with their security staff and local police forces to ensure that the nearly 300 million passengers that travel through UK airports every year do so in a safe and secure environment. Thanks to this secure environment, incidents at UK airports are extremely rare. Airports will continue to focus on providing passengers with peace of mind during their travels,” an Airport Operators Association spokesperson told The Independent. The same is often true in the U.S. and other countries as well.

But, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So always make sure your most prized possessions aren’t out in the open.

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