Man slammed for insisting girlfriend covers cost of meals on her birthday trip

A bloke was slammed online after saying he expected his girlfriend to pay for all drinks, food and outings on her birthday trip away.

Posting on Reddit, the anonymous boyfriend said that he’d paid for the flights and hotel as a birthday gift for his lady love.

But, when they arrived he informed her she should be providing the spending money for meals out, drinks and attractions.

He wrote: "It felt fair to me that she picks up the bills for our food and outings etc. We didn't speak about this, and it seemed to cause a bit of friction.

"I felt like I'd booked something wonderful for her, and she kept wanting to split the costs of things down the middle.

“The unspoken tension caused us to both not get our wallets out when it came to paying for things, and both expect each other to pay for things.

He continued: "I spent a lot more on her gift than she did on mine.

"We didn't have a pre-agreed amount to spend, but when I booked it, she knew it was more expensive than what she had bought me."

In an update, the bloke said he didn’t make his girlfriend pay for everything – but did believe he was right to think she should due to the cost of the hotel and flights.

He noted: "I didn't mind paying for some things. I just expected her to pay at least more than half, because I had paid a lot to take her on holiday and her gift for me was significantly smaller a few months prior."

But, in the comments many people tore him down for his decision.

Pne person said: "There’s no way you’re this big of an idiot. You took her on a trip for her birthday AND THEN proceeded to ruin it for her, so way to go.”

While another added: "You planned this for her birthday, as a gift, right? So in what universe does it make sense to tell her she has to pay for her gift? Then it's not a gift.”

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“If you wanted to keep score and spend the same amount on her gift that she did on yours, say so up front and don't offer to take her on a trip,” wrote a third.

Many pointed out that “gifts don’t come with conditions” and that she wasn’t given warning to save up for the expense.

And, one noted: “Her wanting to split things 50/50 is completely fair in my opinion.”

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