Norwegian Cruise Line Celebrates Woman's 100th Birthday

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Rose Zelman celebrated her birthday on Saturday, December 29 aboard Norweigan Cruise Line’sNorwegian Epic. However, this wasn’t any ordinary birthday – it was her centennial birthday.

Zelman’s 100th birthday bash included an exclusive dinner with the ship’s captain at Cirque Dreams Epicurean, the ship’s acrobatic production, in which she was brought on stage and presented with a large cake.

Rose Zelman celebrated her 100th birthday on the Norweigan Epic. (Photo via Norweigan Cruise Lines)

Balloons dropped from the ceiling, and passengers in the audience, the captain, crew, and performers all sang happy birthday to this vibrant 100-year-old.

Zelman never stepped foot on a cruise until 2005, even though she had traveled the world with her late-husband Bob. In 2001, she became friends with Omar O’Besso, who later become an onboard concierge of Norwegian Cruise Line.

He convinced her to embark on her first cruise and she hasn’t stopped since, taking three cruises a year on ships that O’Besso is on. This is her eight birthday to celebrate with Norweigan Cruise Line at sea.

“Cruising is my favorite way to vacation,” said Zelman. “It is hassle-free with so much to do on board from entertainment to activities. I have the chance to meet new people an can explore new destinations with ease, including the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and even Russia.”

She added, “I was so happy and thankful to celebrate my 100th birthday with my friend Omar and the Captain, crew and my new friends on Norwegian Epic, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the cruise and sailing into 2019.”

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