OMG I Want to Rent This House: Tulum, Mexico

Yuyum Uno Villa, Tulum, Mexico (Vrbo): You’ve been cooped up at home for over a year, making your own meals, doing endless piles of dishes… and saving your money. What have you been putting aside your piles of pennies for, you may be wondering? Vacation, of course! But not just any old holiday jaunt. What you deserve is a $19,000-a-night stay in a gorgeous estate located on a private beach in Tulum.

Now, this is a secret garden we would be happy to hide away in, even after a year of seclusion. With your own private azure swimming pool artfully shaded by palms, it’s like the Tulum of years ago before the hordes of tourists began to arrive.

The villa has a distinctly Spanish colonial vibe, which means lots of arched doorways and interior courtyards that add yet another dimension to the indoor-outdoor lifestyle that comes with beachside living.

The only question to ask when it’s time for dinner overlooking the Caribbean is: “What’s the fresh catch of the day?”

Like all pricey palaces, Yuyum Uno Villa features some of the best local craftsmanship: handcrafted dark wood furniture to rest in after a long day of relaxing, handwoven rugs to warm up the living spaces, and handmade tiles that add a little color to kitchens and bathrooms.

Inside, the living room is all opulent chandeliers and 20-foot ceilings. Outside, the living areas are all opulent foliage and towering trees.

This master bedroom is giving us all the Frida Kahlo vibes. While you dream your dreams under a canopy of lace, remember that a sudden increase in artistic talent is not included in your $19,000-a-day stay.

With nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms, you and your 17 closest friends can spend a week remembering how to socialize. If things get too awkward, you can always escape to your backyard for some time alone in the Caribbean waves.

When you want to take a little break from the outdoors (as if that would ever happen on a beach vacation), Yuyum Uno Villa offers a media room, a library, and all the equipment you might need to break a little intentional sweat.

Feel free to take a break in this cozy sitting area to enjoy the view, but we’re confident your respite will be brief after you discover that your stay on this slice of the coast also gives you access to a private—yes, private—beach.

A fish fry on the beach, anyone? What is a private beach without an an outdoor grill and fire pit to enjoy. Here, you have both.

Exercise is important, even on vacation. But there’s no need to force it when you can easily get your steps in going from private pool to private beach, and repeat.

Yuyum Uno Villa sits in the middle of the Sian Ka’an Nature Reserve, which explains why gorgeous greenery shows off from every view of the house. But you don’t have to restrict your pleasures to the all-natural here. The estate is also close to the restaurants and nightlife of Tulum as well as the Chichen Itza Mayan ruins, which are a UNESCO World Heritage site.

You better not include this image in your OOO response, or you’ll return to an inbox full of hate mail.

As if the copious courtyards, private pool, and solo beach access weren’t enough, Yuyum Uno Villa also has a rooftop terrace which is the perfect location for tequila cocktails while you watch the sunset… or sunrise. There’s no judgement on vacation.

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