Prince Charles: Lunch ‘omitted’ from royal’s travel schedule – despite Camilla objections

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Prince Charles is a very important member of the Royal Family and is set to be the next King. The Prince of Wales has travelled extensively across the world in this key role. State visits can be demanding both on the royals as well as those who organise the trips behinds the scenes.

Unsurprisingly, Prince Charles’ staff are well-used to his preferences.

One part of the day they are also sure to never include in his schedule is lunch.

Charles’ reluctance to eat at midday was explored in episode three of The Crown.

In one scene, Camilla Parker-Bowles, played by Emerald Fennell, explains to a young Diana Spencer, played by Emma Corrin, that Charles dislikes lunch.

“The Prince of Wales doesn’t eat lunch…not if he can help it,” says Camilla.

“If he’s forced to because of some engagement it puts him in a terrible mood. He drones on and on about gas and bloating and ‘wasted energy due to needless digestion’.

“I try to cheer him up but when his tummy goes so does his sense of humour, I’m afraid.”

It would seem there is truth to this.

Author Robert Hardman shared insight into Charles’ lunch habits in his 2018 book Queen of the World.

Hardman explained that Prince Charles does not like to have lunch while he is travelling.

“Wherever possible, lunch will be omitted from the schedule,” wrote Hardman.

“The Prince takes a dim view of lunch.”

“‘I’m like a camel,’ he is fond of saying, often to the chagrin of those in the entourage who do not feel very camel-like by the times they get to lunchtime.”

It would appear Camilla, 72, does not agree with her spouse’s views on food, however.

“The Duchess of Cornwall clearly disagrees, too, having become the proud patron of a charity dedicated to food and friendship that calls itself The Big Lunch,” said Hardman.

The author recounted one occasion from the Prince’s aversion to big midday meals possibly came.

“[Charles] recalls being entertained on one of his first visits to the county [of Singapore], in the days of Lee Kuan Yes, the father of the current Prime Minister,” wrote Hardman.

“‘I seem to recall it was described as a ‘small lunch’ in the programme, but it turned out to include twenty courses!’”

If the Duke of Cornwall must eat lunch he favours only a small prandial meal, explained Hardman.

“The Prince prefers a very small lunch, if there must be lunch at all, usually a quick egg sandwich in the back of the car.”

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