Shocked Lion Air passenger finds toilet in place of non-existent seat

A shocked plane passenger has told of her outrage after finding she’d been booked into a non-existent seat on a budget airline.

Satwika Ika revealed on Facebook how her flight on September 16 from Palembang to Jakarta with the Indonesian low cost carrier Lion Air was a complete nightmare.

She said her ticket – costing $47 (473.100 IDR) – was marked for 35F but when she boarded the flight she discovered that the row numbers stopped at 34 and a toilet was installed where her seat was meant to be located.

Adding to the ordeal, she said the flight attendants she consulted to resolve the issue were “rude” and “lacked manners”.

After her social media post spread, the airline issued an apology.

Lion Air’s corporate communications officer, Danang Mandala Prihantoro, wrote that the flight should have been initially operated by a Boeing 737-900ER with a capacity of 215 seats spread over 39 rows.

Due to aircraft rotations that could have potentially caused a flight delay, Lion Air used a Boeing 737-800NG with 189 seats and 34 rows instead.

Satwika acknowledged the apology, but she told MailOnline that the airline didn’t mention anything about the “impolite behaviour of their two flight attendants”:.

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