Simon Calder shares travel industry FURY: ‘We need more countries on green list’

UK travel industry 'furious' at green list update says Calder

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The travel traffic light lists were updated yesterday, June 24, with some changes. Malta was the only new country to be added to the green list, much to travel industry bosses’ disappointment and anger.

Simon Calder is a travel journalist and expert who regularly appears on ITV to share the latest holiday deals and offers.

Today, Mr Calder discussed the Government’s latest travel updates on This Morning.

The journalist confirmed that travel industry bosses are “furious” over the new changes to the travel lists.

Only Malta was added to the green list this week, while thirteen nations were placed on the green “watchlist”.

Transport secretary Grant Shapps told ITV this morning that the watchlist was created to give a “heads up” to holidaymakers as things could quickly change.

The list is designed to prevent the chaos earlier this month, when Portugal was suddenly removed from the green list.

The nations on the watchlist could be added to the amber list, therefore having a watchlist gives Britons sufficient warning of this, Mr Shapps explained.

However, Mr Calder said today the travel industry is not happy with the recent developments.

He said: “They’ve [travel industry] been going through an awful time and the response overnight has been absolutely furious.

“They say, not only do we need more countries on the green list – the transport secretary Grant Shapps says you can have a look at all the data and it’s all on a scientific basis.

“But they also say, look you’ve told us you’re going to allow people who’ve been lucky enough to be jabbed twice to swerve quarantine when they are coming from amber list countries, which have suddenly opened up.”

Boris Johnson said this week he hopes double vaccinated Britons will be able to travel to amber list nations including France, Croatia, and Italy, but not until a later date.

However, Mr Calder explained that travel industry bosses want double jabbed holidaymakers to be able to travel quarantine free now.

He continued: “So why don’t you do it now? You’re going to do it, so let’s do it now.

“And the Government says no, we’ve got lots of things we’ve got to look at.

“It’s not going to happen before July 19 and there’s no guarantee it’s going to happen on that date.”

The countries currently on the green watch list are Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Balearic Islands, Barbados, British Antarctic territory, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Madeira, Montserrat, Pitcairn Islands, and Turks and Caicos.

Additionally, Israel was moved from the green list to the green watch list.

Mr Shapps advised Britons to prepare themselves in case the watchlist countries are spontaneously added to other lists.

The transport secretary said: “The countries are somewhere between green and perhaps amber.

“We’re just giving people a heads up that we may not be able to give notice as we move those countries in the future.

“So be aware – make sure you’ve got travel insurance, make sure you can change your flight booking, make sure you can change your accommodation.”

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