Spain holiday chaos as Ryanair pilots and crew threaten strikes this summer ‘Only option!’

Ryanair's Michael O’Leary slams UK government over Brexit

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Brits looking to travel to Spain via Ryanair could find their flights being delayed, postponed or cancelled in the coming months as pilot unions in several european countries have informed the airline company that they will considering striking unless there is “substantial change” to the cabin crew working conditions. 

The Spanish pilots union is amongst four others who is warning of strikes. 

Belgian, France, Italy and Portugals pilots unions have also informed Ryanair of possible action. 

The pilots want the “precarious” working conditions changed for cabin crew. 

Those flying the plane are referring to the Dubline-based airline allegedly making cabin crew work without access to fresh water. 

Unlike the vast majority of European airlines, Ryanair does not provide bottled water specifically for its cabin crew and pilots. 

There is rarely an opportunity for cabin crew to fill up reusable bottles after passing through security. 

A member of Ryanair cabin crew might end onboard the aircraft, and unable to refill or buy a bottle of water for the majority of their workday – which can last up to 12 hours. 

Should a member of Ryanair cabin crew want to drink a bottlle of water they didn’t bring on the plane, they are expected to pay for it from the onboard shop. 

Ryanair charges €3 for a 500ml bottle of San Bendetto water.

Unions in Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain are frustrated, and are threatening several coordinated European-wide strikes in upcoming months. 

The Spanish USO union issued a statement today. 

It read: “The unions denounce the irregularities committed by Ryanair in the management of its personnel and the attacks on the rights of its workers such as the fact that the cabin crew continues to work without access to water on board the plane.”

The French SN-PNC union explained its main demand of providing cabin crew with food and water had been rebuffed by Ryanair. 

Their response to Ryanair was: “Faced with Ryanair’s disdainful behavior, the strike becomes our only option.” 

Didier Lebbe, secretary at the Belgian’s Union CNE said: “Sporadic or coordinated actions could take place just about anywhere in Europe from June.” has contacted Ryanair on social media and via its digital press office form for a comment. 

In 2018, trade unions from several European countries had already united for a European strike at Ryanair, which took place during the summer. 

They then demanded that the company apply national labour laws in all countries where it operates. 

They had ended up winning their battle. 

Four years on, “few things have improved, and many problems raised in 2018 have still not been resolved“ the Belgian union added. 

Some of the Belgian union grievances were already highlighted during the three-day strike by Ryanair cabin crew  a month ago. 

There is no local HR department, payslips are unclear or contain errors, flight attendants do not have access to freshwater onboard unless they pay for it, etc.

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