Stagecoach bus blasted after mum ‘forced to fold up her pram’

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The 32-year-old mum, from Hull, caught the number three Stagecoach service on Monday, June 13. She was accompanied by her two young children, including her nine-month-old baby.

The mum-of-two was catching the bus to take her baby to a medical appointment, reports Hull Live.

She claims she was not allowed to put her pram in the designated area – and that she had to carry both of her children, which she claims left her fearing for their safety.

The mum claims that when she boarded the bus, the driver told her he already had three prams onboard.

She has since complained to Stagecoach and the driver in question is now being retrained in buggy policy, according to a spokesperson for the bus company.

The mum said: “Stagecoach should be ashamed. It’s hard enough traveling alone with a baby without the need for unnecessary actions like that of the driver.

“The driver had no need to do this and didn’t even offer any assistance”.

She added: “I didn’t feel safe holding him on the bus as he’s quite a wriggler and there was no need to collapse my buggy in the first place.

“If a wheelchair came on, I would have happily moved or folded mine down.

“My baby is still very young in my eyes and shouldn’t have to be held on a bus moving around. I’m just so angry that customers get treated this way.”

A Spokesperson for Stagecoach East Midlands said: “We take all customer complaints extremely seriously and so when this matter was brought to our attention, by Hull Live, we immediately investigated the incident.

“We found that there was indeed space for the buggy and the customer should have been allowed to leave it in the allocated space.

“Our policy allows space for up to two buggies unless a wheelchair comes on board.

“At this point, the wheelchair user would take priority and the buggy would need to be closed down.

“We apologise unreservedly to the customer involved and for any inconvenience caused.

“We have responded to the complaint by taking immediate action to ensure the driver is retrained, in regards to this specific buggy policy and customer service in general.”

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