‘Still making a mint’: Costly tests remain for vaccinated tourists in latest travel update

Boris Johnson discusses booster jabs for international travel

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Some Britons have expressed frustration at the news that double-jabbed travellers will still have to take a test. In many European countries, fully vaccinated tourists do not need to take a test after arrival.

Grant Shapps shared the update on Twitter saying: “There will be no countries or territories added to the red list.

“We will continue to keep all measures under review. From Monday, proof of vaccination will be recognised from 15 more countries.

“Including Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Senegal and Zimbabwe, another boost for business and leisure travel.”

Some Britons were expecting the Government to scrap day two lateral flow tests for fully vaccinated passengers.

Daniel Ferney tweeted: “When are you scrapping testing for fully vaxxed? Still making a mint.”

Tweeter @thomasedde tweeted: “Scrap the pointless day two tests!”

SPD travels tweeted: “And why should there be (countries on the red list)? Let the vaccines do what they are supposed to do and do seem to be doing well.”

Others expressed relief that no countries had been added to the UK travel red list in today’s update.

John Forman tweeted: “I saw the red and my heart dropped, phew.”

Some travel experts had speculated before the update that countries could be added to the red list.

Austria, Croatia and Slovenia were all mentioned as possible additions to the list after all three countries suffered an increase in rates.

While no countries are currently on the travel red list, the Government has said it remains an option.

Sajid Javid said: “The red list and quarantine system remain vital in protecting our borders and as we’ve said we will not hesitate to take action by adding countries to the red list if necessary.”

Donal Kane tweeted: “Today’s travel update seems only to consist of this (minor) good change adding a few more countries to the vaccine recognition list for entry.

“Otherwise no changes as expected. Still need to get all these foreign vaccine certificates recognised for domestic test and trace purposes!”

Under current restrictions, every fully vaccinated tourist must take a lateral flow test on or before day two after arrival.

Tests must be booked with a Government approved provider which can be found on the Government website.

Some tourists have complained that the tests are too expensive and feel they have been ripped off.

British tourists are advised to check the FCO website for the latest travel regulations before going on holiday.

Boris Johnson said that booster jabs would soon be recognised in the NHS Covid app which should make foreign travel ‘easier’ for Britons.

Several countries, including France, will require certain tourists to have a booster jab to visit by the end of the year.

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