The 50 most beautiful places in the world for 2020 revealed

Slide 1 of 51: Remember, it really is a wonderful world. And these are the 50 most beautiful spots in it, according to a new ranking. It was drawn up by Big 7 Travel after it asked its 1.5million-strong social audience for their opinion, mined data from Pinterest and analysed the most-liked images on its Instagram profile this year. Scroll through to see the full list, published here in reverse order. The further you scroll, the further your jaw drops.
Slide 2 of 51: 50. THE AZORES: Located in the mid-Atlantic, this archipelago is 'one of the dreamiest places on the planet', says Big 7 Travel, which adds it is 'peppered with cosy fishing villages, vibrant turquoise lakes and endless hydrangea fields'.
Slide 3 of 51: 49. TAMIL NADU, INDIA: This Indian state is the largest in the country and home to the Brihadishwara Temple, pictured, a Unesco World Heritage site. Big 7 Travel says: 'Its history stretches back more than two millennia and its antiquity seems to be frozen in time'.
Slide 4 of 51: 48. ATACAMA DESERT, CHILE: This vast Chilean landscape is one of the driest on the planet and is known for its lunar-like appearance. Big 7 Travel says: 'Whether you take in the otherworldly mountains, Mars-like sunset or never-ending cracked expanses of desert, Atacama impresses at every turn'.

Slide 5 of 51: 47. MACHU PICCHU, PERU: This 15th-century citadel, which is a Unesco World Heritage site, can be found deep in the Peruvian Andes and 'is one of the most incredible archaeological finds on Earth'.
Slide 6 of 51: 46. CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: This resort on southern Mexico’s Baja California peninsula is known for its 'dramatic stone cliffs and stunning sea arches', says Big 7 Travel. Pictured is Santa Maria beach.
Slide 7 of 51: 45. BAGAN, MYANMAR: This ancient city, which has over 2,000 temples and pagodas, is 'as naturally alluring as it is spiritually and historically significant', explains Big 7 Travel.
Slide 8 of 51: 44. DENALI NATIONAL PARK, ALASKA: This national park encompasses six million acres of the Alaskan wilderness with its centerpiece being Mount Denali, pictured. At 20,310ft (6,190m), it is the tallest peak in North America.
Slide 9 of 51: 43. VENICE: Big 7 Travel describes this Italian city as 'the picture of beauty' thanks to its 'vibrant art', 'shimmering turquoise waters' and 'celebrated architecture'.

Slide 10 of 51: 42. GRAND CANYON: This natural wonder is 277 miles long, 18 miles wide and a full mile deep. It makes the list as it 'leaves visitors breathless just due to its massive size', according to Big 7 Travel.
Slide 11 of 51: 41. ZAKYNTHOS, GREECE: This Greek island is the 'most mesmerizing' of them all according to Big 7 Travel. It says: 'Home to powdery beaches, jaw-dropping waters and the famous Navagio shipwreck [pictured] it checks the history and landscape boxes'.
Slide 12 of 51: 40. SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK, TANZANIA: According to Big 7 Travel, this African national park is 'one of the wildest places on Earth'. It adds: 'The Serengeti is all you’ve ever dreamed of in the realm of wildlife. Lions, elephants, wildebeest, giraffes and more all sweep the landscape'.
Slide 13 of 51: 39. LAS COLORADAS, MEXICO: Known for its pink lakes, Las Colorados is described by Big 7 Travel as an 'otherworldy natural masterpiece' that is teeming with wildlife.
Slide 14 of 51: 38. TROLLTUNGA, NORWAY: This famous rock ledge that juts out 700 meters (2,296ft) above Lake Ringedalsvatnet, is 'one of the world’s most scenic and beautiful places in the world', says Big 7 Travel. Its name translates into English as troll's tongue.

Slide 15 of 51: 37. UBUD, BALI:  This popular town has 'ancient sacred caves, vibrant green rice terraces and royal Balinese palaces'. Big 7 Travel adds: 'It’s a place that is bursting at the seams with culture, tranquil beauty and a food scene that is out of this world'.
Slide 16 of 51: 36. AGUA AZUL CASCADES, MEXICO: These stunning waterfalls can be found in the south of Mexico close to Guatemala and feature 'turquoise blue water surrounded by a lush jungle paradise'.
Slide 17 of 51: 35. DISCO BAY, GREENLAND: This bay on the west coast of Greenland is 'where massive ice fjords, dominating icebergs, whales and early human settlements all meet', says Big 7 Travel.
Slide 18 of 51: 34. ANGEL FALLS, VENEZUELA: Buried deep in Venezuela's Canaima National Park, this waterfall is the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall, with a height of 3,211ft (979m) and is 'every bit as phenomenal as you’d expect', says Big 7 Travel.
Slide 19 of 51: 33. MONT SAINT-MICHEL, FRANCE: This tidal island with its Gothic abbey is off the coast of Normandy and Big 7 Travel says it is the 'epitome of spellbinding beauty'.
Slide 20 of 51: 32. THE DEAD SEA: This body of water, which is actually a saltwater lake, is sandwiched between Israel and Jordan. Its water is extremely rich with minerals and known for its healing properties, says Big 7 Travel.
Slide 21 of 51: 31. ANTELOPE CANYON, ARIZONA: This awe-inspiring canyon on Navajo land is 'simply out of this world', says Big 7 Travel. It adds: 'Light seems to dance inside the deep walls creating every shade of orange imaginable'.
Slide 22 of 51: 30. CAPPADOCIA, TURKEY: This historical region of Turkey is known for its 'ancient cave dwellings and fairy chimneys' as well as being one of the best places to spot hot air balloons.
Slide 23 of 51: 29. GALAPAGOS ISLANDS: This archipelago of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean is best known for its huge range of wildlife and stunning landscapes. Big 7 Travel says: 'Whether you fancy active volcanoes, colorful wildlife or geological wonders, Galapagos has it all'.
Slide 24 of 51: 28. SOSSUSVLEI, NAMIBIA: Translated into English as 'dead-end marsh', this salt and clay pan is in Namib-Naukluft National Park - one of Africa's largest conservation areas. Big 7 Travel explained: 'Vast, gigantic waves of orange and red dunes dominate the areas surrounding alabaster-white plains making for one of the world’s most visually stunning areas'.
Slide 25 of 51: 27. LAKE BAIKAL, RUSSIA: Located deep in Siberia, this lake is the world's deepest (5,387 feet deep at its deepest point) as well as the world's largest by volume (5,521 cubic miles of water). Big 7 Travel describes it as 'old and mysterious'.
Slide 26 of 51: 26. ANGKOR WAT, CAMBODIA: This sprawling temple complex, which 'defies time', dates back to the 12th century and is the largest religious monument in the world, covering 402 acres.
Slide 27 of 51: 25. ZHANGUE DANXIA GEOPARK, CHINA: Coined as the 'rainbow mountains', Big 7 Travel says it is 'not hard to see why these kaleidoscopic rolling hills are one of the most beautiful places in the world'.
Slide 28 of 51: 24. PARIS: The French capital makes the top 50 ranking not only due to its 'world-class cuisine and museums, but for its charm'. Big 7 Travel adds: 'It is one of the most dreamy places on the planet'.
Slide 29 of 51: 23. MATERA, ITALY: This historic town is built on top of a rocky outcrop and has 'ancient cave houses, stone-carved churches, Byzantine frescoes and everything that screams Southern Italy', says Big 7 Travel.
Slide 30 of 51: 22. MARRAKESH, MOROCCO: The Moroccan city boasts 'stunning luxury hammams and gorgeous riads' with Big 7 Travel adding its 'architecture is simply breathtaking'.
Slide 31 of 51: 21. MU CANG CHAI, VIETNAM: This rural district of Vietnam is known for its 'magnificent Asian rice fields swirling on the slopes of velvet green hills'. Big 7 Travel explains: 'Centuries of careful cultivation have shaped what are easily some of the most beautiful rice terraces in the world'.
Slide 32 of 51: 20. MOSTAR, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: According to Big 7 Travel, Mostar is a 'crossroads of natural beauty, Old World architecture, Ottoman fortresses and Christian churches'. Pictured is the famous Stari Most bridge.
Slide 33 of 51: 19. FIORDLAND NATIONAL PARK, NEW ZEALAND: Home to peaks, fjords, untouched forests and beautiful lakeside towns, this national park is considered the walking capital of the world according to Big 7 Travel.
Slide 34 of 51: 18. BORACAY, PHILIPPINES: This tropical island is 'one of the world’s top destinations for some R&R', says Big 7 Travel, adding 'its tranquil beaches, casual nightlife and lush tropical scenery makes it easy to see why'.
Slide 35 of 51: 17. POSITANO, ITALY: Positioned on the Amalfi Coast, this Italian town has 'candy-colored cliffside houses, unbelievable food, stunning Mediterranean waters and incredible Roman history', says Big 7 Travel.
Slide 36 of 51: 16. CHEFCHAOUEN, MOROCCO: Blue is the color in this charming Moroccan city, where the buildings in its old town are drenched in every shade of azure imaginable, says Big 7 Travel.
Slide 37 of 51: 15. SIDI BOU SAID, TUNISIA: This ancient Mediterranean town 'is famous for its quaint cobblestone streets and brilliant blue terraces'. It is described as the 'hip Tunisian cousin of Greece’s Santorini'.
Slide 38 of 51: 14. PAMUKKALE, TURKEY: This Turkish town is best known for its mineral-rich thermal pools. Big 7 Travel explains: 'The calcium-rich powder blue pools overlook the Curuksu Valley creating a visual experience like none other'.
Slide 39 of 51: 13. LAUTERBRUNNEN, SWITZERLAND: According to Big 7 Travel, this quaint alpine village 'feels like something from Sound of Music' thanks to its 'chalet-style houses scattered over verdant green fields'.
Slide 40 of 51: 12. ULURU, AUSTRALIA: The 700million-year-old rock in the middle of the Outback 'is a pilgrimage for spiritualists, backpackers and nature lovers alike', says Big 7 Travel. It adds: 'The ancient holy site is precious to the local Aboriginal people and carries a cultural and religious significance that is unparalleled'.
Slide 41 of 51: 11. CLIFFS OF MOHER, IRELAND: Situated on the Wild Atlantic Way in County Clare, the cliffs soar to over 700ft. Big 7 Travel says: 'Few places give that chill-bump-watery-eyes feeling like Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher'.
Slide 42 of 51: 10. KYOTO, JAPAN: Once the capital of Japan, this historic city has 'countless Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines and pristine gardens', says Big 7 Travel, adding: 'Kyoto is truly beautiful year-round, but in spring, when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, you’re in for something magical'.
Slide 43 of 51: 9. SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS: Big 7 Travel describes the Highlands as 'one of the most magical places on Earth' thanks to its fairy glens, crystal clear lochs, lost castles and rolling hills. Pictured is the valley below the mountains of Glencoe.
Slide 44 of 51: 8. PALAWAN, PHILIPPINES: According to Big 7 Travel, this string of islands in the Philippines is 'a fantastic triple treat of diverse wildlife, pristine landscapes and subterranean marvels'.
Slide 45 of 51: 7. BANFF NATIONAL PARK, CANADA: 'Breathtaking alpine meadows, vibrant wildlife and towering forests', is how Big 7 Travel describes Banff National Park. It adds: 'The sprawling natural area is home to phenomenal lakes such as Lake Louise, Lake Peyto and Lake Moraine [pictured]'.
Slide 46 of 51: 6. GREAT BARRIER REEF, AUSTRALIA: This coral reef system is the largest in the world and is made up of 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands. Big 7 Travel says: 'In addition to being stunningly beautiful, it’s home to an impressive diversity of species'.
Slide 47 of 51: 5. LAKE BLED, SLOVENIA: Located in the stunning Julian Alps, Lake Bled 'is a place meant for fairy tales', says Big 7 Travel. Pictured is the stunning Church of Mary the Queen, which stands on one of the lake's islands.
Slide 48 of 51: 4. LI RIVER, CHINA: This winding river loops past 'ancient villages, verdant bamboo groves and jagged cliffsides' and has been named by National Geographic as one of the world’s '10 watery wonders'.
Slide 49 of 51: 3. GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK, WYOMING: This national park is popular with mountain lovers and boasts valleys, lakes, charming cabins and stellar sunsets. Its main draw is the Teton Mountains, which stretch for 40 miles through Wyoming. The tallest is Grand Teton at 13,775ft (4,199m).
Slide 50 of 51: 2. FAROE ISLANDS: An archipelago of 18 mountainous isles in the North Atlantic Ocean between Norway and Iceland, the Faroe Islands has 'everything you could hope for', according to Big 7 Travel. It boasts 'crystal clear waterfalls, rocky cliffs that seem to jut out of nowhere and velvety green hills'.
Slide 51 of 51: 1. TORRES DEL PAINE NATIONAL PARK, CHILE: This stunning national park is located in Chile's southern Patagonia. Big 7 Travel says: 'From the ancient glacial lakes to the jagged range of Cordillera, from roaming pumas and endless grazing guanaco [a relative of the llama], Torres del Paine is the epitome of wilderness and takes first place for the most beautiful places in the world'.
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