The COVID-19 guide to holiday travel – and the case for why you shouldn’t go this year

This holiday travel season will be like none other in recent memory. Might as well throw out the rulebook for planning your Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s trips because you won’t need it.

“The coming holidays will bring unprecedented challenges,” says Mahmood Khan, a professor at Virginia Tech who directs the business school’s program in hospitality and tourism management. “Be prepared for the unexpected.”

Travel will be down – way down – from past holiday seasons. So will most prices. 

Travelers will make their booking decisions at the last minute, days, or even hours before their departure. And the risks will be a lot higher. If you’re older or have a medical condition, you might want to celebrate the holidays at home this year.

Fewer people want to travel. Holiday-related journeys are “not a top priority” in 2020, according to Eugene Levin, the chief strategic officer for the analytics company SEMrush. That may be an understatement. This summer, online searches for “holiday travel” decreased by 43% from 2019. “Christmas travel” is down by 46%, and “Thanksgiving travel” is off 38%.

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