Thrilling travel diary from 90s with ‘do not read’ warning found after 20 years

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A travel journal was found 20 years after it was lost.

It was packed with stories of globe-trotting adventures – from hitting Bangkok’s notorious Khao San Road in the nineties to taking an epic train journey across Malaysia.

It was also littered with amusing illustrations, lists and commentary, which would have required a lot of thought and effort.

So the person who recovered the diary in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, was determined to reunite it with its owner.

They took to Reddit, writing: “I found someone's amazing travel journal. Please help me get it back to its original author.

“It was sitting in the top cupboard of an apartment I rented in Yarraville.”

They added: “It was written mostly in 99-2000 and it makes me feel weirdly free perusing it.

“I bet the author would love to relive these memories.”

It didn’t take long for the post to go viral – garnering 1,900 upvotes and dozens of comments.

People started following clues they read in the diary.

This included a page referencing Kiwis and a New Zeleand band called Ziko.

Remarkably, the internet sleuths managed to significantly narrow down the search.

And after firing off a few emails, the Redditor was able to find the original owner of the diary.

They responded: “Holy heck! That is mine! From about 20 years ago. Where did you find that?

“That’s amazing! Thanks so much for getting in touch.”

By the sounds of it, the bloke can’t wait to get hold of his trusty journal and reminisce about all his travel adventures.

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