Tourist fined £439 for breaking rules in Italy

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Florence’s Ponte Vecchio is one of Italy’s most famous bridges. The medieval bridge still has shops, just as it did when it was first built.

Due to the bridge’s historical importance and popularity, driving across it is strictly forbidden as one Californian tourist found out.

The 34-year-old man attempted to cross the bridge in a rented Fiat Panda car, according to the City of Florence.

The tourist was also caught driving without an international driver’s licence during the incident.

He reportedly claimed that he was just trying to find a parking space and wasn’t aware that he had driven on to the Ponte Vecchio.

The man was fined 500 euros (£439). The Ponte Vecchio is usually packed with pedestrians and tourists.

The bridge has had to be rebuilt several times after being destroyed by flooding and is due to undergo a restoration project soon.

Ponte Vecchio is particularly special as it was the only bridge in the Italian city to survive after the Second World War.

However, it’s not the only Italian monument to have suffered at the hands of a rule breaking tourist.

In 2022, a tourist from Saudi Arabia was detained by police after he drove a rented sports car down Rome’s Spanish Steps.

The Spanish Steps are one of the city’s most famous landmarks and there are even rules about sitting on them.

The tourist reportedly fled the scene after the car became stuck while it was halfway down the stairs. Police later apprehended the man as he was on his way to the airport.

Another tourist got in trouble for throwing an electric scooter down the famous steps in an incident caught on camera.

Meanwhile, another tourist shocked local residents when he drove a moped through the ancient Roman site of Pompeii.

Driving a vehicle is strictly forbidden on the protected ancient site and it is thought the man entered via a staff doorway.

In Venice, the city’s mayor even offered dinner to anyone who could help him identify two tourists filmed surfing along the canals.

Another tourist provoked anger when they were spotted skinny dipping in the city’s famed canals.

Swimming or surfing in the canals is extremely dangerous due to the number of boats on the waterways.

The water is also often contaminated with sewage and could be very dangerous if ingested by swimmers.

In Amalfi, one town has even introduced a ban on bikinis outside the beach to stop tourists walking around without clothing.

The popular area also uses a numberplate scheme during summer to stop the narrow roads from becoming overcrowded.

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