Trans Siberian Trains

Enjoying the best views with amenities at hand and in the cabin of your choice – you may want nothing more on a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Surely, Russian landscape has a lot to offer. To enjoy the mystic rivers, mighty pine forests, and extensive rolling plains of Russia, there’s nothing better than the traveling on the Trans-Siberian train. Being on one of the most exotic journeys with your loved ones, you don’t want to miss out on some of the best historical sites and cultural locations due to poor training selection.

Are you looking to go on a Trans-Siberian railroad trip across various regions to spend your winter vacations? You should know that there are several convenient options when it comes to choosing a train for your Trans-Siberian railroad trip. If you wish to know which trains are currently serving the Moscow-Vladivostok train route (the longest one), take a look below:

Rossiya Train #001/002
Do you love travelling long distances? The Rossiya train is one of the best options for that. All staff attendants speak English fluently in the second and third-class berths of brand new carriages.

Train #061/062:
In case you wish to travel from Moscow to Vladivostok quickly, this train can make sure you do. This train offers first-class cabins along with high-end passenger service.

Rossiya Train #001/002
Considering that this is one of the best long-distance trains for a Trans-Siberian trip across Russia, the train has a memorable reputation among tourists. It’s a branded train with modern carriages that were added quite recently. The Rossiya Train has Russian tricolor and is a unique long-distance trip train. All attendants speak fluent English to help accommodate westerners and foreigners from different nations. The first train, i.e., #001, regularly leaves for Moscow from Vladivostok, while train #002 also departs daily, but for Vladivostok from Moscow.

You can get Russian food served right in your cabin when you munch on snacks in the meantime. The more recent train carriages offer a microwave, free-of-charge hot water, and a refrigerator to have beverages such as tea, coffee, and one of the most loved comfort snacks, instant noodles. There are plenty of washrooms or toilets in any carriage inside the Rossiya Train. You can choose between two classes.

·       Four passengers sleeping area

·       Electrical charging outlets, Table, and TV

·       One meal for the entire journey

·       Bed Linen

·       Dormitory-Style

·       54-bed collection

·       Fees for bed linen

·       Plug sockets and USB charging ports

Train #061/062
If you’re thinking about getting on a non-firmenny train, this is the perfect option. While it’s less branded than its counterpart, it doesn’t make extensive stops throughout the journey. But again, it’s one of the fastest trains to take you through your Trans-Siberian tour. This train carries first-class carriages that you won’t come across on the Rossiya Train, but it travels from Moscow to St. Petersburg. It makes a total of four departures per week, with train #062 going from Moscow to Vladivostok and train #061 going from Vladivostok to Moscow.

There’s a pair of bio-toilets inside every carriage of the train. Other than that, there aren’t any passenger showers, but you can still pay a small fee to use the staff cabin shower to freshen up. If you didn’t know this when planning, you should know now that ticket prices of both trains are around the same value, but Rossiya’s second and third-class tickets may be cheaper. Here’s more about the carriages on this train.

·       Two-passenger private compartments

·       Meal, travel kit, wash, and fresh linen

·       Interactive facilities and entertainment

·       Map Schedule and route updates

·       Four-passenger cabin

·       Plug sockets

·       Table and a small TV

·       Bed linen (for a small fee)

·       Open-plan and dormitory-style carriage without any amenities priced on your ticket

Do You Need Help in Choosing the Right Moscow-Vladivostok Train?
The best approach to make your Trans-Siberian railway trip enjoyable and convenient is to spend only one day or an additional night on the train but no more. This way, travelers take in the mesmerizing views and the spectacular sights. When passing by the gorgeous landscapes, no traveler wishes to stay on the train. So you shouldn’t be asking, ‘what is the right Moscow-Vladivostok or Moscow Irkutsk train?’ Rather, determine how long you wish to spend on the Trans-Siberian railroad trips and explore the sites of beautiful Siberia.

You should always plan a big trip in advance and take care of the Siberian train ticketing since a regular ticket won’t suffice on a Trans-Siberian railroad train. You should only conform to the required safety and security standards while ensuring a reliable adventure and exploration experience.