Travelodge guests’ ridiculous requests – from holy water to ice cream baths

Staff at Travelodge hotels have revealed some of the bizarre requests guests make – from holy water to odd fashion asks.

Travelodge has a whopping 581 locations around the UK giving holidaymakers plenty of opportunities to ask for strange services.

This year, the hotels welcomed in millions of customers following the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.

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These tourists often ask the staff for services and help locating things – some requests are more interesting than others.

Topics have ranged from place names, local dishes, customs and traditions across the diverse regions that make up the United Kingdom to random asks.

Now, the staff have shared some of the top bizarre requests they've received and there's a whole range of oddness – and a particular fondness for the Royal Family.

One customer staying at Bath Waterside Travelodge asked the Receptionist if she could contact The Fashion Museum and borrow Bath’s 2021 Dress of The Year – which was the black silk Giorgio Armani dress that Meghan Markle wore for the famous Oprah interview.

The customer wanted to wear this dress to her birthday party.

Another customer staying at Canterbury Chaucer Central Travelodge was disappointed to hear that King Charles III would not be teaching any lessons at The Kings School Canterbury during their stay in the historic city.

Meanwhile, one guest wanted the hotel team at London Waterloo Travelodge to arrange a surprise garden afternoon tea for his grandfather with Paddington Bear.

A confused guest staying at Edinburgh Central Travelodge asked the hotel manager to clarify to whether he had to bow to Edinburgh Zoo’s famous resident Brigadier Sir Nils Olav – a king penguin who is the mascot and colonel-in-chief of the Norwegian King's Guard.

Meanwhile Travelodge crews have been inundated with foodie requests too.

One couple staying at Newquay Seafront Travelodge called ahead of their stay and asked if the assistant hotel manager could arrange a private beachfront barbeque with celebrity chef Rick Stein.

Another family staying at Birmingham Central Bull Ring Travelodge asked for details for the best local delicatessen, where they could purchase jars of Colonel Mustard to take back home to America as gifts for their family.

The fidgetiness of Derbyshire’s Fidgety Pie was also called into question by one person recently staying at Derby Park Pride Travelodge.

Another customer staying at Aberdeen Airport Travelodge was shocked to hear that you could not catch a Cullen Skink and that this was the name of a soup as opposed to a fish.

A couple staying at Swansea Central Travelodge were relieved to hear that the country’s famous cuisine Laverbread was not actually made from volcanic lava.

Many workers at various regional hotels were also asked to make voice recordings for guests who loved their accents.

The request was particularly common in the northern regions such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool and Cardiff.

A receptionist at Edinburgh Haymarket Travelodge was asked to send a voice note pretending to be Sean Connery to a customer’s Grannie as a birthday surprise.

Plus, a hotel Bar Cafe Supervisor at Liverpool Central Exchange Street Travelodge was asked to record a customer’s voicemail in the voice of the late Cilla Black as this was their favourite celebrity.

Staff members in Birmingham were also asked to teach a guest to dance Bhangra while in Canterbury a crew member was asked how holy the water was at the Jesus Green Lido.

In the capital, holidaymakers asked London staff to make the London Eye turn anti-clockwise.

Another asked if the staff would take their Chow Chow dog shopping in Knightsbridge.

Over at the Rhyl Seafront Travelodge asked for their bath to be filled with different scoops of ice cream.

Nearly-weds asked whether the crew could be ordained and officiate a wedding in Staines.

While in York another guest asked the staff to make sure the traffic lights were all green at midday… so a bride could get to her wedding.

What strange requests have you overheard? Tell us in the comments…


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