UK holidays: British campervan owners can rent out their vehicles for money – here’s how

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Indie Campers, a campervan and recreational vehicle rental company, has seen a demand for motorhome holidays this year. The company has seen a 350 percent increase in Britons booking trips in the UK compared to last year. Due to the recent surge and more people working from home, Indie Campers decided to launch a subscription service for long term campervan rentals across Europe.

Customers can subscribe to a campervan from one month up to 12 months and can check out the van before subscribing.

The company’s marketing representatives Pernille Hembre and Melita Dsouza spoke exclusively to about Indie Campers’ new subscription plan and how Britons can rent out their own vehicles to make money.

Ms Hembre explained how people working from home digitally are wishing to travel for an extended period of time.

She added: “We saw a lot more people travelling alone which suggests they are working and travelling. We really saw this as an opportunity.”

With travel corridors, international travel restrictions and stringent entry requirements now causing major upheaval for travelling abroad, Indie Camper’s subscription plan is a way for people to travel within the current rules surrounding travel.

She continued: “This could be a good way for people to, within the current restrictions, within the time they have, to have totally new experiences but in a totally different way.

“So basically, it’s a way to make sure people can get out and see new places either in Europe or domestically.”

She described the opportunity as “long-term slow travel”.

Ms Dsouza said that there has been a surge in interest in “van life” but that many don’t want to invest straight away in a campervan.

“The interest in van life has increased and a lot of people are contemplating buying a campervan,” she explained.

She continued: “Instead of buying – it’s a massive investment to buy a motorhome – people like us who are aspiring and want to work from anywhere, they can get into the subscription model and take a van for at least two months and see if they like it and then make an investment.

“I think we’re the first to bring this model in the UK as well.

“The idea is to give them an opportunity to experience the van life for a few months to a year.”

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Ms Hembre and Ms Dsouza also said it’s a good way for people to follow the travel corridor announcements as they happen.

Ms Hombre explained: “You can basically travel slowly and if there are travel corridors opening, you can then basically go to another country that’s deemed safe.

“It’s a good way – at least in this unpredictable time – to go with the flow and follow what’s happened.”

Prices begin at £993 per month (£32.02 per night) on the annual plan and are from £1,054 per month on the monthly subscription in the British locations of London and Edinburgh.

Indie Campers has also received a surge of interest from British campervan owners looking to rent out their campervans and their vehicles on the company’s upcoming marketplace.

Surprisingly, the UK is among the top three countries in Europe.

Indie Campers has received massive volumes of requests from people interested in listing their campervans for rental.

This suggests that more and more campervan owners are also seeking to capitalise on the trending demand for campervan travel and camping.

According to the site, campervan owners can earn up to an average of £8,043 per year.

This estimate is based on nightly prices and occupation rates throughout the year.

Motorhome owners can rent out their vehicles for as much as £10,385 per year.

Customers can fill out a form on Indie Campers’ website and find out how much they can make by including their vehicle type and year.

People determine how much they make each day of leasing their campervans or motorhomes.

The site reads: “Our dedicated support crew has the ground experience and is regularly available to support you to set a rate to match interest in your area.”

People can list their campervans on Indie Campers’ marketplace.

Indie Campers brands itself a “premium marketplace” which means they market good quality vehicles.

The site said they market “good quality vehicles, without too many km’s, not too old, safety measures in place, good interior, high-quality photos, simple and good overall owner’s coordination processes, like the Airbnb of campervans.”

The site added: “Anyone who has a UK-registered van, in a good, road-worthy condition and with a valid MOT certificate can sign their van up to be rented out on our marketplace.”

Ms Hembre and Ms Dsouza explained that Indie Campers mainly looks for newer vans and there are certain criteria.

Ms Hembre said: “Right now, we’re still in the process of acquiring a data base. I think it’s mainly newer vans.”

Ms Dsouza added: “There is criteria for what vans can be registered and I think legally too for what vans can be registered and on the road.

“By the end of the year we should have a PTP platform set up.”

Surprisingly, the UK has become one of the biggest markets for vans for Indie Campers.

Ms Hembre explained: “The UK is where we’ve received quite a lot of vans already. It’s one of the biggest markets.

“It’s very manifold in terms of locations and allowing us to have more pick up locations across the UK which will be very interesting.”

Ms Dsouza added: “We see that there is a massive demand especially this year so allowing people to list their camper vans with us increases our supply.”

She also said that it means that vans are not just sat on the side of the road but are being used.

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