UK staycation: Cornwall’s hidden trails that will take you away from the crowds

Fern Britton recalls ‘seeing pixies’ during walk in Cornwall

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Every year, thousands of Britons head to the coast for some sun, sea and sand, turning Cornwall into one of the busiest areas of the UK. The peninsula has long been known for its beauty and its perfect holiday setting.

Cornwall is still a fantastic staycation destination for holidaymakers after a bit of peace and quiet.

Away from the coast and the crowds, little known areas of the peninsula provide amazing opportunities for a staycation.

Lesser-trodden paths in Cornwall are the best way to discover the South West area without bumping elbows with everyone else.

Treasure Trails, guided booklets that encourage visitors to solve clues on a circular route of approximately two miles, can help holidaymakers discover hidden corners of a region, and in Cornwall, there is a lot to see.

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Heading away from the coast and into the peninsula will provide plenty of fun for the entire family.

The circular Goss Moor Spy Mission Cycling Trail takes three hours and is seven miles long.

Visitors start at Screech Owl Sanctuary and travel around the Goss Moor National Reserve, taking in their natural surroundings as they go along.

On the St Dennis and Roche Treasure Trail, visitors will walk two miles and drive seven miles.

The trail takes two hours, starting with a drive from Wellington Road at St Dennis.

Visitors go around mid-Cornwall, pass the Church of St Denys and end their trail at Roche Rock.

The Liskeard Murder Mystery Trail starts at Webb’s House on the Parade and take one hour and a half for 1.5 miles.

Holidaymakers on this trail will discover the market town and finish at the marketplace.

On another market town trail, holidaymakers can explore the ancient capital of Cornwall.

The Lostwithiel Murder Mystery Trail starts at the Tourist Information Office at the Community Centre and finishes at Coulson Park.

The two hours, two miles trail of St Germans Spy Mission start at St Germans church and takes in Eliot Quay and the Sailing Club.

Exploring the off the beaten track village, the trail finishes at Port Eliot Estate.

There are no signs of Cornwall’s popularity abating, especially with Britons increasingly opting for staycations.

Leaving the coast behind to explore hidden Cornwall is the best bet for holidaymakers who crave peace and quiet.

There are a lot of exciting off the beaten tracks travel opportunities all over the peninsula, visitors just need to know where to look.

With the Treasure Trails, Britons on staycations have a blueprint to start rediscovering the beautiful regions of the UK.
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