Woman in tears as flight attendant ‘publicly shames her over inappropriate top’

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A woman was left embarrassed and ashamed after a flight attendant allegedly shamed her for wearing an inappropriate top to travel.

Sierra Steadman recalled a horrible flight experience after travelling on Alaska Airlines over the weekend.

She said she'd "never felt more degraded" in her life, especially as the incident left her in tears.

In an emotional video posted on TikTok, Sierra is seen wearing a black face mask and a grey hoodie while appearing to be sobbing in front of the camera.

The caption in the video writes: "When the flight attendant s*** shames you in front of the whole plane and threatens to kick you off for what you're wearing."

In the next video, she shows viewers the outfit in question – a black crop top, sporty shorts and a grey hoodie.

The plane passenger also told viewers that the flight attendant allegedly grabbed her by the arm – even after she agreed to comply with a request to zip up her hoodie.

"When I tried to walk away from her because she was screaming in my face she grabbed my arm," she wrote.

"Outfit aside, there was no reason to physically and verbally assault me and humiliate me, especially when I complied w[ith] her request."

Many viewers showed their support and said they don't find her outfit a problem to wear on planes.

One said: "What? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that."

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Another commented: "It covers everything, it's sweats and it's comfortable. What's the issue?"

Sierra gave updates that her mother had filed a complaint to Alaska Airlines and they received an apology email a day later.

She posted the reply on her account, in which it read: "Alaska strives to provide exceptional service to our customers. From what you have shared, it is apparent that we have failed.

"You and your daughter should expect nothing less than to be treated with the utmost respect, compassion and care.

"It is truly disappointing to hear that you both did not feel that way during boarding and during the interactions with our Flight Attendant."

The airline said it will conduct an internal investigation on the matter with their inflight management team.

"On behalf of Alaska, I'd like to sincerely apologise for Sierra's experience with our Flight Attendant and apologise to you both for how this was handled," the statement ended.

Alaska Airlines told Daily Star: "We are in contact with Sierra and her family and are committed to finding out what happened and taking all appropriate action.

"It’s our goal to provide caring service to all of our guests.

"When we don’t live up to that goal, we do we everything we can to make it right."

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