New Touchless Sterilization Robot Designed to Clean Hotel Rooms Revealed

Cloud-based platform CIRQ+ announced its new CIRQ+CLEAN touchless sterilization robot designed to restore consumer confidence in Travel during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The Cbot is a touchless sterilization innovation that dispenses an EPA-registered fluid through an in-room autonomous IoT robot. The non-toxic disinfecting solution has the most up-to-date approvals by the EPA and kills coronavirus and other pathogens on hard, non-porous surfaces.

The cleaning solution is safe for guests and employees.

The CIRQ+CLEAN Cbot combines the CIRQ+ in-room mobile hub with safety, sterilization and touchless technology that can be applied to hotels, schools, businesses, restaurants, larger event spaces and more.

“As technologists and innovators at CIRQ+, we were inspired to rise to the challenge posed by the pandemic to leverage our Ultimate Smart Room platform to create viable solutions,” CIRQ+ founder Yani Deros said. “CIRQ+CLEAN was created to ensure that employees, guests or residents can trust that the property where they are working or staying has implemented the highest standard of health and safety measures.”

The robot will circumnavigate the empty hotel room or other space and dispense an electrostatically-charged disinfectant on surfaces and areas missed by manual cleaning or UV light methods.

Once the Cbot cleans the room, housekeeping can enter and complete routine cleaning before the robot sprays down the room again before the guest enters. Travelers are provided reassurance they are entering a disinfected room through a verbal or written message on the CIRQ+ unit screen.

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