Robbers Steal $800,000 from Aspen Hotel Display Case

Three men tried their best to steal the Christmas spirit Friday when they robbed a display case in the lobby of The Little Nell hotel in Aspen, Colorado.

The estimated value of the jewelry stolen was $800,000.

According to the Aspen Times, two of the men set up on either side of the display case while the third used a screwdriver to open the lock and steal diamond and 18-karat gold necklaces, rings and other items.

The men shoved the items into a backpack and walked away from the Piranesi Jewelry outlet, which has operated in the Aspen hotel for more than 20 years.

Aspen police officer Kirk Wheatley said the department launched a large investigation into the robbery. Authorities also revealed surveillance video captured the same three men who robbed the display scouting the hotel earlier in the day.

Police said two of the men were in their 20s while one of them was older. They were seen on camera wearing puffy coats and hats with facial hair, but authorities revealed they have several leads they are investigating.

Piranesi employee Tina Taylor told the Aspen Times about her thoughts on the robbery.

“We are very sad that it happened,” Taylor said. “We hope they catch the suspects and find our jewelry.”

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