This Austin Resort Is Hosting a Bluebonnet Festival With Wildflower Meditation and Photography Classes

Bluebonnet Festival at Miraval Austin Resort and Spa

Stop and smell the bluebonnets this spring.

The hills and valleys of Texas are particularly known for the gorgeous, vibrant bluebonnets that grow in the wild every spring. Much like the daffodils of Lake Elsinore, California, Texas' bluebonnets are native to the area and draw lots of tourists every year hoping to catch a glimpse (and a selfie or two) of the beautiful specks of blue (and sometimes violet or even pink) that dot the landscape.

Bluebonnet Festival at Miraval Austin Resort and Spa

This year, the wellness spa Miraval Austin, in Austin, Texas, is celebrating its first-ever Bluebonnet Festival in honor of the blooms. Picking bluebonnets is frowned upon in Texas, but there are a lot of opportunities to enjoy these beautiful flowers in satisfying ways.

As part of the Bluebonnet Festival, Miraval has created a number of bluebonnet-themed activities for guests to enjoy. Perhaps the easiest way to remember your stay includes the resort's bluebonnet photography class, which employs a resident photographer to teach guests how capture the beauty of the flowers even in an imperfect setting, while also gaining awareness of available natural light and compositional elements to create a stronger, more interesting image.

In addition, Miraval is offering a special Kintsugi class amongst the lovely bluebonnets of Cypress Creek Farm. Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese art that involves reassembling shattered pieces of broken pottery with gold lacquer. Guests can create their own Kintsugi piece while also learning and reflecting more about our relationship with imperfections, both real and symbolic.

And since Miraval is a wellness retreat, the resort also has a number of wellness-themed activities that tie into the bloom. First, the resort is offering a mindfulness walk through the wildflowers of the serenity garden. During the walk, the guide will encourage guests to stay connected with their environment as they stroll, as well as provide techniques on staying present. The walk ends with a grounding meditation. And if a little meditation is appealing to you, the resort is also offering guests a "Be Like the Bluebonnet" guided meditation and discussion inspired by the Texas state flower.

Bluebonnet Festival at Miraval Austin Resort and Spa

In addition, guests can enjoy the ultimate pampering with the resort's "River Flower Wrap." This spa treatment involves a dry-brush-inspired exfoliation process, which prepares skin for a moisture masque. Then, a layer of botanical butter is applied to deliver a surge of deep hydration and repair. The treatment ends with a therapeutic scalp and relaxing foot massage.

All festival activities are available to Miraval Austin guests, with nightly rates beginning at $659 based on single occupancy. For more information or to make a booking, visit the Miraval Austin website.

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