Why the Black Travel Movement Matters, According to 6 Influencers

Black man standing on the Great Wall of China
Comedian Roy Wood Jr and designer Salone Monet

"When you're in another landand see someone who looks just like you, there's an understanding that happens, just with eye contact, that our presence inthis place is, in itself, progress, and an experience we can pass down to our children." — Roy Wood Jr., comedian and correspondent for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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Bozoma Saint John, the chief marketing officer at Netflix

"I've looked for magic in the sunset on Anguilla and inintricate hand-painted sconcesin Marrakesh, Morocco. But my favorite moment was dawn on New Year's Day in Accra, Ghana. It felt like the ancestors awoke with the sun to bless me." — Bozoma Saint John, chief marketing officer at Netflix

Nathan Fluellen, host of World Wide Nate: African Adventures

"While filming my show, I found utopia in countries like Rwanda, South Africa, and Zambia. Everywhere I turned, I was in the majority. I didn't stand out. Experiencing cultures across Africa let me reconnect with my ancestors." — Nathan Fluellen, host of World Wide Nate: African Adventures

Jeff Jenkins, CEO of Chubby Diaries

"Travel has shown me how to persevere, love myself, and be more confident. Travel taught me how to enjoy the life I have — and to create a movement that helps others who look like me, a fat Black man, live life now." — Jeff Jenkins, CEO of Chubby Diaries, an online community

Social media strategist Skylar Kearney

"To travel the world is a privilege. To have the opportunity to experience my Blackness abroad is an honor." — Skylar Kearney, social media strategist

Jubril Agoro

"Black people, like all people, come in so many different colors and shapes, with different religions and beliefs. And when we travel around the world, we show others those different representations." — Jubril Agoro, founder of Passport Heavy, a social media consultancy

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