Woman Tries to Smuggle Squirrel on Plane As Emotional Support Animal

You can have a dog, cat, or even a mini horse. But most airlines have been cracking down on which animals are OK to bring on flights as “emotional support animals.”

For the record, squirrels are a no-go.

According to News 5 Cleveland, a woman on Frontier Airlines in Orlando, Florida seemed to miss that memo when she tried to smuggle a squirrel on her flight on Tuesday night.

A spokesperson for Frontier told News 5 the passenger noted that they were bringing an emotional support animal on board, but did not say it was a squirrel. Frontier only allows dogs or cats to be ESAs, and does not allow rodents on board, as explained on the carrier’s special services page.

The only pets allowed on board Frontier flights are dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, or small household birds. So, despite being fairly animal friendly compared to other airlines, still no squirrels allowed.

Sorry, little squirrel.

Unfortunately, the passenger was not as cooperative as the cabin crew would have hoped when they asked her to deplane with her squirrel. When she refused to leave her seat, Orlando police had to be called to escort her off.

The flight ended up being delayed two hours, however, according to News 5, not all her fellow passengers were angry about it.

“The joke of the plane was hashtag squirrel,” witness Amber Calhoun said.

When in doubt about your ESA, make sure to check your specific airline’s rules.

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